buy Legendary Bob Marley T-Shirt

Legendary Bob Marley T-Shirt

“No Woman, No Cry!”  This goes for men too!  Cry no more!  The most legendary Bob Marley t-shirt is now available for you!

This iconic image of Marley shows him taking a big tug off of a huge blunt, this is part of the norm for Rastafarians and respectfully, part and parcel of the culture and spirituality of this reggae Giant!

What is cool about this picture of Bob is that it is largely black and white, however, the very colourful Rasta hat he is wearing, his dyed hemp knit toque, is bright and bold in it’s “Red, Orange and Green” Rasta coloration!  What a cool effect to draw the eyes towards this awesome homage to this larger than life hero.

Respected by Musicians the world over, in the words of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Give it Away.. :

“Bob Marley poet and a prophet!
Bob Marley taught me how to off it!
Bob Marley walkin’ like he talk it!”

Who can deny the quintessential cool of this man and what he embodies!

About the quality of the shirt itself, rest assured that it is top notch, 100% cotton, breathable, and eco friendly as you would expect!  It would go great with your existing wardrobe, just as easily worn under a sports jacket, or with any combination you could imagine.  This handmade printed t-shirt is made in Thailand.

Get your respect on, for one of the best artists that ever walked God’s green earth!  Choose the size of this lovely shirt that best fits you, from Small – Large!  Makes a great gift for yourself or a like minded lover of Reggae!

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buy Ed Sheeran Backpack

Ed Sheeran Backpack

Kids Ed Sheeran Backpack

Your child will love this backpack for back-to-school! Superstar singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran, features prominently with a winning smile whenever they look at the front of this well designed knapsack. This bag is sturdily constructed out of leather, with a padded back and front for protection. Featuring two slip interior pockets and a zipper pocket on the inside, this stylish accessory will keep pens, pencils and other school supplies organized, with a spot for lunches and notebooks!

This backpack sports padded leather shoulder straps that are fully adjustable and has a good quality zipper for longevity and extended wear. School is more fun when you can accessorize with things you love!

Make back(pack)-to-school a joy! This school pack is sure to delight.

buy Ariana Grande Arianator T-Shirt

Ariana Grande Arianator T-Shirt

Ariana Grande Arianator T-Shirt

Arianator’s of the world! Now there is a t-shirt that can express your true loyalty in being the number one fan of Ariana Grande! It straight out tells the world that you are an Arianator!

With Ariana Grande standing defiant and strong, wearing a black sheer dress in front of a cool circular graphic design behind her, in the middle of the shirt, her signature hair style in beautiful viw (pony tail off to the side) she is the star of all stars, and looks simply amazing on this t-shirt. This is better than the “Cat’s Pajamas!”

You know the things in life that make things worthwhile, and that “like attracts like”, when you are declaring your connection with you favorite star, you are becoming closer to her in essence. Ariana Grande stands for being heard, humanitarian endeavors, equal rights, being empowered, acknowledging strong women, making great art, and knowing how to have fun! She can sing like nobodies business – that incredible vocal range and power, mastered so early in hear career! No wonder you want to have her on your t-shirt! Well, now you can, and this is the perfect one!

This gorgeous t-shirt is available in unisex sizes Small – XL on a 100% comfy cotton t-shirt, shipped to you fast!

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buy Lana Del Rey Hollywood Poster

Lana Del Rey Hollywood Poster

Lana Del Rey Hollywood Poster

Oh Lana! Let us count the ways! Girl you have power, and resilience and the right mix, and your story and stories keep us sharp and real. From the highs to the lows and all the shades that you break down and emote, you belong in sounds, you belong in pictures. And this glamorous poster is proof positive.

Bring the real life myth of Lana Del Rey into your home with this captivating poster of this sparkle jump rope queen! She brings the glam to the sad, the up to the bad, and finds balance while charting through chaos. Elizabeth Grant – reborn Lana Del Rey – you are welcome in our bedrooms, lockers, clubs and cribs 24/7.

Picture this poster bringing the essence of the saddest, baddest Hollywood Lolita diva to your residence. Wearing a single rap chain, and a simple Hollywood t-shirt and embroidered jean shorts, Lana presents the relaxed elegance of a gifted self-determined confident woman, charming, captivating and legend worthy.

Just the right size at 61 cm x 91 cm, you will be very happy when you see the high resolution of this print. The poster is produced on an offset lithography press, and is coated to protect the ink; the degree of quality is immediately apparent upon first viewing.

Bring Ms. Del Rey back to your place and enjoy the magic she inspires. Unwrap this lady of rap and be part of it all.