buy Muhammad Ali Thrilla In Manila Action Figure

Muhammad Ali Thrilla In Manila Action Figure

Muhammid Ali Thrilla In Manila Action Figure

One of the greatest boxers of all time Muhammad Ali has had many awesome fights that blew up the boxing world with televsion ratings and recordĀ attendances, if you love this boxer and the sport this is a collectable piece you will need.

This action figure is of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, with very intracate design and carefully crafted it is very realistic and features Ali in white shorts and red gloves in a mid right hand punch and measures 7 inches tall.

It is a very collectable piece as it is in a window box package to display it while keeping it in mint condition, made by the awesome collectable tarding company Upper Deck this is from the Pro Shot series and is Muhammad Ali #2: 1975 Thrilla In Manila.

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