buy Justin Bieber Sticker Sheets

Justin Bieber Sticker Sheets

Justin Bieber Sticker Sheet
Do you want Justin Bieber on anything?

If you do then you really need some stickers of Justin.

This sticker set has 4 sheets of 11 stickers each on them and all are Justin Bieber stickers.
Some are hearts with his autograph or his face others are just him in a leather jacket.

I am sure that a real Justin Bieber fan has use for all these amazing stickers.

And because there a plenty of stickers in a pack this will also make a great party favor for your Justin Bieber party.

Decorate lockers, books, doors and basically anything else with these Justin Bieber stickers.

buy Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Poster

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Poster

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Poster
This Lady Gage poster is based on a famous picture of Lady Gaga sitting without a shirt by still wearing leather hot pants and a leather hat. The poster is in black in white giving it the extra vibe to make it a piece of art.

This Lady Gaga poster is 56 x 86 cm and is available as just the poster or as framed piece of art.

If you are looking for an amazing Lady Gaga piece as a gift for a friend or for yourself this poster is not gone disappoint.

Besides the photo of Lady Gaga the poster also says “Lady Gaga The Fame Monster”.

buy Katy Perry Teenage Dream Poster

Katy Perry Teenage Dream Poster

Katy Perry Teenage Dream Poster
Katy Perry fans will love this poser.

The poster is almost the same as the “Teenage Dream” album from Katy.

And so you can see Katy Perry lying in between the clouds and above that the words “Teenage Dream” in a candy cane font. And below in the corner it says “Katy Perry”.

This Katy Perry poster is 86 x 56 cm and comes just as poster but can be framed if wanted.

A spot on your wall loves to be filled with this Katy Perry poster so why don’t you?

buy Justin Bieber 2014 Wall Calendar

Justin Bieber 2014 Wall Calendar

Justin Bieber 2014 Wall Calendar

Do you just need a new picture of Justin Bieber every month?

We got you covered with this 2014 wall calendar that gives you a new amazing Justing picture every month.

And you are in luck as the Justin Bieber calendar is 18 months not the standard 12 months you get with most calendars.

Every month Justin Bieber will bring you a nice new photo of him together with a great calendar on witch you can write all your important stuff.

Now you just have to make some room on your wall for the Justin Bieber wall calendar and start enjoying it.

buy Taylor Swift 2014 Wall Calendar

Taylor Swift 2014 Wall Calendar

2014 Wall Calendar of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift fans can now enjoy 18 months with amazing photo’s from Taylor Swift.

This 2014 Taylor Swift calendar does not offer just 12 months but no it offers 18 months of Taylor Swift. Each month a new photo or photo’s and of course the calendar from that month.

Now you can have a nice wall calendar that offers you a glimpse in the life of Taylor Swift.

buy President Trump 2017 Inauguration Day T-Shirt

President Trump 2017 Inauguration Day T-Shirt

Now you can have Donald Trump t-shirt made for the inauguration in January 2017.

This t-shirt is available in many colors and in style for both men and women and all these shirts are made from 100% cotton.

On the shirt, you can see the president’s seal with in the middle the picture of Mr. Trump and around the seal it says “President Donald Trump Inauguration Day January 20th, 2017”.

So if you want to show how proud you are about Trump being the President of the United States Of America then this is the t-shirt you want to wear.

Get your President Trump 2017 Inauguration Day T-Shirt

Taylor Swift Christmas Pillow


Taylor Swift Christmas Pillow

This Christmas you can have a special throw pillow of Taylor Swift.

This Christmas pillow is green and on the green, you can see Taylor dressed in red and even wearing a Santa Claus hat.

It’s just fun to have this Taylor Swift pillow on your couch, chair or even under the Christmas tree.

And this Christmas pillow is available in many sizes and even just as a pillow case so that you get just what you need.

Christmas without Taylor Swift will be boring so make sure that you get this pillow in time for the holidays.

Grey Jennifer Lawrence T-Shirt


Gray Jennifer Lawrence women's T-Shirt

This grey women’s t-shirt shows a portrait of Jennifer Lawrence in black.

Having a t-shirt with Jennifer on it of course is a plus specially when you go see one of her movies in theater.

And this grey t-shirt comes in women’s sizes Small – Large.

Now you can parade around with the girl who saved Peeta.

The portrait has a great detail and her staring eyes have the feeling they look straight through you making it a bit freaky maybe for the people looking at it but hey maybe then they look at your eyes instead.

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Austin Mahone Rose Tank Top


Austin Mahone girls Tank Top

All the girls love Austin Mahone and now you can be the one that has this very special tank top.

This white tank top shows a picture of Austin Mahone in a white t-shirt with a rose in his mouth.

Yes this women’s tank top will make you friends want one to so make sure you are the first one.

You can get this Austin Mahone tank top in sizes Small – XL and all are made from 100% Austin approved cotton.

Just imagine how easy this tank top can be combined with items from your wardrobe as it just goes with anything.

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Women’s Bob Marley Dress


Women's Bob Marley Dress

This dress is perfect for people that really like Bob Marley’s music and believes.

The dress has short black sleeves and a black back but on the front you can see an green, yellow and orange background color and an image of Bob Marley playing his guitar.

You can get this women’s dress is sizes Small – XL and it is a bit form fitting so if you don’t like that then go for a slightly larger size to get the fit that you prefer.

A dress like this is different and that makes it perfect to have in your Bob Marley collection.

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