buy Abraham Lincoln Shower Curtain

Abraham Lincoln Shower Curtain

Now you can have a Abraham Lincoln shower curtain and that makes you feel all presidential when taking a shower.

The Abraham Lincoln shower curtain has a light colored background and on it you can find the face of President Lincoln himself made out of a wide range of colors which really looks amazing.

The Abraham Lincoln shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches and has 12 eyelets for your shower hooks and if Abraham ever gets dirty then you are in luck as you can put this shower curtain in the washing machine.

Now you can have a president in your bathroom staring at your while you are brushing your teeth.

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buy Abraham Lincoln Throw Pillow

Abraham Lincoln Throw Pillow

Now there is an Abraham Lincoln throw pillow and that would be a great addition to your interior.

The pillow is available in 4 sizes 16, 18, 20, and 24 inches and all are square. You can choose between an indoor or an outdoor version so that you can have the pillow perfect for your needs.

The pillow has a light colored background and on top of that, you can find the portrait of President Abraham Lincoln and his portrait has plenty of colors which makes it look really cool and different.

So now you can have US president in your home just lounging on your couch or a chair because the president is placed on this pillow.

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buy Abraham Lincoln Chia Pet

Abraham Lincoln Chia Pet

Celebrate the life of the 16th President of the United States Of America with this amazing special edition Chia pet. Abraham Lincoln was President from 1834 until 1842 and still to this day is ranked in the top 10 Presidents through out time. Now he can be yours to give you some “Presidential” treatment where ever you might need it.

This Chia pet is designed like a bust of Abraham Lincoln. The base that his head is on reads two different famous quotes on either side. One is, “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” The other is, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done for today.” Two great quotes. The growing part of the Chia is his hair.

Full growth of the Abraham Lincoln Chia is 1 -2 weeks and it comes with enough seeds for 3 cycles of growth. He measures approximately 6 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches. It will be the best indoor plant you have.

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buy Abraham Lincoln Square T-Shirt

Abraham Lincoln Square T-Shirt

On this t-shirt you can find one of the Presidents of the United States Of America and yes it is Abraham Lincoln.

The portrait of Lincoln is placed in a square that has a red and blue background making the black and white portrait of the President stand out nicely.

You can get this Abraham Lincoln t-shirt in many styles for both men and women and it comes in many cool colors to so that you can really create the look you want while having the former president near.

And yes Abraham Lincoln would have been our and that is why the image has a worn look to make it more like it should.

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buy Abraham Lincoln Photograph Tie

Abraham Lincoln Photograph Tie

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and many think he was one of the best. Show off your support with a cool fashionable tie that is great to dress up and wear for any occasion.

On this tie you will see a classic black and white image of Lincoln’s head and upper torso, find a print of multiple images in a series covering the entire necktie.

This Abraham Lincoln tie is a standard size tie that measures 55 inches in length and at it’s widest point it measures 4 inches. It is made from 100% polyester and has a sleek and shiny smooth finish using vibrant colors to really stand out and look good.

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buy 16th President Abraham Lincoln T-Shirt

16th President Abraham Lincoln T-Shirt

16th President Abraham Lincoln T-Shirt

If you are a political fan, or just looking for a different and unique t-shirt. Look no further, we have just the t-shirt that you have been looking for.

The graphic is on the front of this t-shirt. It is a black and white drawing of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It looks like it was drawn right after he was elected as president.

This t-shirt comes in 6 different colors, cream, ice blue, kiwi green, silver, turquoise and white, so make it yours. It comes in sizes 6XL all the way down to a Small. It is made of 100% cotton and has a unisex fit for everyone! The best quality this shirt offers is it is pre-shrunk, so it will fit through out its life.

buy Abraham Lincoln Bandages With Collector Tin

Abraham Lincoln Bandages With Collector Tin

Abraham Lincoln Bandages With Collector Tin

The Abraham Lincoln bandages each have a black and white image of Abraham Lincoln standing tall with a beard and in a suit with his trademark top hat and bow tie on.

When you get this set you will recieve a toy inside aswell as the collectors tin which features a black and white bust image of Abraham Lincoln and the saying “I Will Heal Your Wound As I Healed A Nation”.

Each collector tin has 20 bandages inside, each bandage measures 3 inches x 3/4 inches and are made with a latex-free adhesive and feature a sterile gauze.

Let the old wise one Abraham Lincoln help heal you.

buy Abraham Lincoln Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Abraham Lincoln Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Abraham Lincoln Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th United States president and of course he is famous for his tall hat.

If you like Lincoln and spiced up things then this salt and pepper shaker is what you need.

As you can see on the picture this just looks like a ceramic Abraham Lincoln but it’s not.

Yes it is ceramic but the head of Abraham is the salt shaker and his tall hat is the pepper shaker and they stack neatly to make the perfect president.

Just imagine have Abraham Lincoln at your dining table just to keep you food at the right spice level.