buy Elvis Presley Guitar Apron

Elvis Presley Guitar Apron

Now cooks can enjoy cooking even more while wearing this Elvis Presley Guitar Apron.

Everyone that does cooking or maybe arts and crafts know that your clothes can get pretty dirty real quick and that is why they invented aprons.

And now there is this nice Elvis Presley apron that is black and a bit shaped like a guitar and there is even a part of a guitar printed on it together with 3 pictures of Elvis Presley and his autograph.

The Elvis apron is made from 100% polyester and is a must have for a true fan of Elvis Presley that also like to cook.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Diva Apron

Marilyn Monroe Diva Apron

Now you can get this Marilyn Monroe Diva Apron that is just perfect on your when you are going to cook.

This apron shows a really cool image of Marilyn Monroe and she looks like a diva. And the design takes up the whole front with a grey file around Marilyn and that means that if you wear it for cooking then food parts end up mixing up in the background so that it doesn’t look so dirty.

And this Marilyn Monroe apron is machine washable and made from 100% polyester so that it will be always ready for the next time you cook.

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