buy Team Cody Simpson Backpack

Team Cody Simpson Backpack

Team Cody Simpson Backpack
Are you the Cody Simpson fan in need of a cool backpack?

If you are then you are in luck as we found this Cody Simpson backpack witch is great for school and fun.

The backpack is 16 inch and has a picture of Cody on the front with this name “Cody Simpson” below it and next to it there it says “Team Cody” and then all the way below that there is a pink guitar to make it more musical.

The backpack is black with a big pink part and blue zippers and that all makes it stand out nicely.

There is one big compartment in this Cody Simpson backpack and two small once and all close by zippers. On the side there is a mesh where you can store things like a water bottle.

Stop looking for the perfect backpack as you have found the Team Cody backpack.