buy Donald Trump Wall Game

Donald Trump Wall Game

Now you can have some fun with the President and his wall by playing this funĀ Donald Trump Wall Game.

President Trump is trying to build a wall but your job in this game is to break down the wall without Trump falling off the wall.

The Presidential wall game gets you a 44 brick yellow wall with on top Donald Trump and then you have to push bricks out and then see who can prevent the president from falling down.

A board game like this is great for a rainy day or just when hanging out with friends that like to talk politics.

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buy Donald Trump Playing Cards

Donald Trump Playing Cards

Now you can play card President style all thanks to theseĀ Donald Trump Playing Cards.

As you expect from President Trump you will get gold as these cards are 24k gold plated which makes them look really special.

On the back of the cards you can find the President and the flag and on the front you find the typical card info with gold around it. Special cards like these deserve a special way to display them too and that is why they come in a really nice looking storage / gift box.

Time to play some cards Donald Trump style all thank to these playing cards.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Playing Cards

Marilyn Monroe Playing Cards

Marilyn Monroe Playing Cards

The next time you are wanting to play a card game with your friends, break out this amazing and colorful pack of playing cards displaying one of the most beautiful woman of all time, Marilyn Monroe.

This deck of playing cards features 52 different graphics of Norma Jeane, better known as Marilyn Monroe. There are black and white pictures and there are colorful pictures too.

The Marilyn Monroe playing cards measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches by .75 inches. Just the right size to hold in your hand and take down your opponent in hearts, crazy eight’s and even poker. You choose the game, but make sure you choose this deck of playing cards.