buy Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book

Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book

Now there is something fun to do all thanks to this Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book.

In the book, you find images of Taylor Swift and over 450 stickers of clothing and accessories so that you can make Taylor look amazing and just the way you would like her to look.

I am sure that all the real fans of Taylor Swift no matter of the age will have lots of fun creating a great looking Taylor and as there are so many stickers and images you can lots of fun on many different days when you feel like hanging out with your friend Taylor Swift.

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buy Einstein For Dummies Book

Einstein For Dummies Book

Now you can learn more about Albert Einstein all thanks to this Einstein For Dummies Book.

In this book you can find all about the world from the famous scientist.

And even if you are not great at math and physics this book will try to explain it so that even dummies like me would understand. Besides the math and physics the book will tell you more about his life including religion and political views.

The Einstein For Dummies Book has 384 pages so there is lot to read and it is available as a real book and as an ebook.

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buy Katy Perry Coloring Book

Katy Perry Coloring Book

If you like to color and you like Katy Perry then this coloring book is just what you need.

This coloring book by Hailey Newton brings great looking line drawings of Katy Perry for you to enjoy.

This coloring book is great for hours of coloring and enjoying the musical artist you love.

The Katy Perry Ultimate Fan Coloring Book contains 15 coloring images in a book that is 8.5 X 11 inch.

Now you can decide the color of Katy Perry’s dress, hair, face and more as that is the fun thing of an coloring book like this.

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buy The Real Frank Zappa Book

The Real Frank Zappa Book

Frank Vincent Zappa known as weird and different. He was an American musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, filmmaker, and actor.

With a career that would span over 30 years just imagine all the great stories.

This is an autobiography said in the words of the rock music legend of Frank Zappa. Inside you will find funny stories of his weird lifestyle and rock n roll road stories and so much more.

You will also get some black and white images to accent the stories aswell as some line art pictures.

It is a paperback book that stands 8.9 inches tall and is perfect for all music fans to have on their bookshelf.

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buy Austin Mahone Red Guitar Poster Book

Austin Mahone Red Guitar Poster Book

Need more or new posters to decorate your room, locker or office? If you are an Austin Mahone fan, then this just might be the collection you are looking for.

Each poster in this collection is colorful and features Austin Mahone in different aspects of his life. Whether it is on stage performing, a promotional photo shoot or just gazing into your eyes, this is a collection that out does any other posters of Austin.

This official poster collection book measures approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It includes over 25 pull out posters including a centerfold poster that features I love AM.

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buy Guy on Fire: Recipes In Outdoor Cooking

Guy on Fire: Recipes In Outdoor Cooking

Guy on Fire Recipes In Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking is not everyone’s specialty, but it can be with the help of Guy Fieri. Impress all your friends at your next barbecue, camping adventure, game day tailgate party or when you are just hanging in the backyard.

Guy on Fire has 130 recipes for your outdoor cooking pleasure on your grill. It is full of colorful pictures of mouth watering goodness, helpful tips for planning ahead and the equipment you will be using.

The book contains 352 pages and measures approximately 9″ x 8″ to make it a perfect addition to your cookbook collection.

Get the Guy on Fire cookbook today and start putting the “wow” into your dinners and desserts.

buy Lady Gaga Book

Lady Gaga Book

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Book

If you are a big Lady Gaga fan, this is the book that you need on your coffee table for everyone to see. This book has many behind the scene original photographs (over 400) of Lady Gaga during one year of her life.

The front cover displays Lady Gaga from behind in a leather jacket with GaGa doused in bling. She has her short blond hair and black sun glasses on.

The book is written by Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and has 360 pages. It is a hardcover book and measures approximately 5.25″ x 4.25″ x .5″.

Lady Gaga is a conversation piece on her own, but why not supplement those discussions with your friends with this out of the park book of amazing pictures.