buy Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Now you can clean your toilet with this Donald Trump Toilet Brush.

If you always wondered if you could clean your toilet with the hair of President Trump then now you can find out all thanks to this toilet brush.

The toilet brush has a gold looking base with a brush that has the same color handle and Donald Trump figure on top with his hair being the brush that cleans your toilet and the brush has the famous orange color just like the hair of the president.

It is a great prank gift for a big Trump fan and it does make for a great item for anyone that does not like Donald Trump.

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buy Donald Trump Candle

Donald Trump Candle

Now you can own a Donald Trump Candle.

This is not just any candle but one that is shaped like the head of Donald Trump, this candle is about 2.5 inches tall and 2 inch wide and really looks like the face of President Trump.

The hand made candle is made from paraffin wax with a hint of sage.

A candle like this is a great present for anyone that really like Donald Trump but also for people that really don’t like him because they can really burn Trump down as there is a candle wick on top of his head ready to be lit.

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buy Donald Trump Wall Game

Donald Trump Wall Game

Now you can have some fun with the President and his wall by playing this fun Donald Trump Wall Game.

President Trump is trying to build a wall but your job in this game is to break down the wall without Trump falling off the wall.

The Presidential wall game gets you a 44 brick yellow wall with on top Donald Trump and then you have to push bricks out and then see who can prevent the president from falling down.

A board game like this is great for a rainy day or just when hanging out with friends that like to talk politics.

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buy Donald Trump Playing Cards

Donald Trump Playing Cards

Now you can play card President style all thanks to these Donald Trump Playing Cards.

As you expect from President Trump you will get gold as these cards are 24k gold plated which makes them look really special.

On the back of the cards you can find the President and the flag and on the front you find the typical card info with gold around it. Special cards like these deserve a special way to display them too and that is why they come in a really nice looking storage / gift box.

Time to play some cards Donald Trump style all thank to these playing cards.

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buy LEGO Donald Trump Minifigure

LEGO Donald Trump Minifigure

Now President Trump can be part of your LEGO sets because this is the LEGO Donald Trump minifigure.

The LEGO figurine is the typical minifigure like you get with your LEGO sets only this one is President Donald Trump in his famous dark blue suit and with his wavy hair and sure this hair is fake but maybe the real President still has his own hair.

The LEGO action figure of Donald Trump comes in nice packaging so that you can give it as a present to a fan of the President.

Help Donald Trump make LEGO great again by adding this figure to your LEGO sets.

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buy President Trump Christmas Chocolates

President Trump Christmas Chocolates

This holiday season you can get your friends this box of President Trump Christmas chocolates.

Inside the box you will find 40 Belgium chocolates in a mix of milk and dark chocolate and on each chocolate you will find a holiday print.

And then there is the box and on the front of the box you can see Donald Trump while wearing a Santa hat and candy canes and he has his thumb up. Above President Trump it says “Make Christmas Great Again!”.

I am sure that any Trump supporter would love to get a box of Trump chocolates so stock up to get them all their own box this Christmas.

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buy Donald Trump Popsockets

Donald Trump Popsockets

Now there are Donald Trump Popsockets that makes holding your phone a lot easier.

Popsockets are easily stuck to your phone or tablet and can be removed and replaced if needed. This Popsocket is black and on the end it has an image of President Trump in front of the US Stars and Stripes flag.

Your Popsocket can fold almost flat when not in use and when fold out you can use it to hold your smartphone easily or you can use it as a stand to watch movies or things like it and they even have holder for your home or car so that you can have your phone or tablet just hanging around.

So if you want Donald Trump on the back of your phone then this could be just perfect for you.

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buy 2019 Donald Trump Countdown Wall Calendar

2019 Donald Trump Countdown Wall Calendar

If you are waiting for Donald Trump to leave office then you should get this 2019 Donald Trump countdown wall calendar.

The wall calendar is all about President Trump and how long he has left this term and for some it will be hoping he will win another term and for others they hope he will be gone before the term is over but anyway this calendar is just perfect for your wall as you can see how long Donald Trump has left with fun facts and all the major holidays filled out and lots of room for your notes on the calendar.

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buy Donald Trump Pool Float

Donald Trump Pool Float

If you like to be on the water and the US President then you should check out this Donald Trump pool float.

This is just a fun thing to have for the 4th of July celebration this year as this is a giant President Trump pool float.

The pool float is round and 42 inches and it looks like a the American flag with two hands and the head of Donald Trump sticking up and that means that Trump can be living in your pool or can be fun to take to the beach.

If you support your President and need a swim then a float like this is what you should be checking out.

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buy Donald Trump Four Billion Dollar Bill

Donald Trump Four Billion Dollar Bill

If you like money and Donald Trump then you should check out this Donald Trump four billion dollar bill and yes it is not real money.

The money comes in a set of 10 bills so yes 40 billion dollar is just waiting for you. The bills are sized like normal money and on the bill you can see fun details.

So there is an image of Donald Trump in the middle with a fun expression on his face and next to him on one size you can see a roll of toilet paper with on it President Trump and the other side it says “IMRICHSUCKERS” and besides all that it does say four billions dollars and more.

Fun fake money like this you just need to have and maybe try using it to pay for a meal or something else and just see what people say.

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