buy Donald Trump Talking Pen

Donald Trump Talking Pen

If you want Donald Trump to talk to you then the thing you need is this Donald Trump pen.

The talking pen has the head of Donald on the top and every time you press his hair it will say one of 8 famous things he said and it is his real voice. If you want to hear things like “Look – I’m really rich” then this is the pen to get.

Besides the face and voice of Donald Trump the pen also says “Donald For President” on it and the red clip says “Vote For Donald?”.

Just take this pen to work or school and people will all want to play with the Donald Trump talking pen.

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buy Donald Trump Crew Socks

Donald Trump Crew Socks

If you have cold feet about Donald Trump then that can be a thing from the past when you wear these Donald Trump socks.

These socks are great for men and women but of course you need to want Trump to be come the President of the United States Of America.

The socks are red and have white stars and on the front you can see Donald Trump wearing a suit and his perfect hair.

You can enjoy these socks as one size fits most.

Just imagine wearing Donald Trump to the office or with shorts to the park, they are just great fun.

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buy Donald Trump Bobblehead

Donald Trump Bobblehead

If you think Donald Trump can make America great again then this is the bobble head for you.

This limited edition bobblehead shows Donald in a nice blue suit and red tie holding up both thumbs and wearing his famous red cap that says “Making America Great Again”.

The figure of Donald shows him standing on a platform that says “Trump ’16” and shows an officially looking seal under his feet.

The Donald Trump bobblehead is 8 inch tall and a great thing to have on your desk because then Trump can shake his head at you all day long making you wonder if he is approving you work or ready to fire you.

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buy Donald Trump Paper Mask

Donald Trump Paper Mask

Now you can feel like Donald Trump just by putting on this mask.

This paper mask is hold in place by string and will transform your face in to the face of Donald Trump.

Of course after wearing the mask you have to start saying things that people could take the wrong way because that is what Trump seem to be doing.

A mask like this is great for Halloween but also to wear to a polling station or a different political event that you attend.

A paper party mask like this is great fun and will make you forget your own reality for just a little while.

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buy Donald Trump Hot Sauce

Donald Trump Hot Sauce

Maybe Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States Of America but it all depends on the voters and some of you out there think he is a hot head.

And to make that message even more clear they now have Donald Trump For President hot sauce.

This 5 fl oz bottle of hot sauce shows Donald Trump in front of the Stars and Stripes flag and below it on a blue background it says “Trump for President 2016”.

And you can pick the hot sauce your like and you can choose between Chipotle Adobo, Cayenne Garlic, Jalapeño Classic, Fire Roasted Habanero and Red Savina Habanero.

So let the Donald spice up your meals the way you like it.

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buy Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Are your political views a little more serious than some know it all rich guy that wears a bad wig? Do you stand for your country and don’t want to see Donald Trump run it?

Well this is the perfect item for you, it can also be a very funny gag gift too. This is a roll of toilet paper that has the upper torso of Donald Trump complete with his facial features and of course do not forget the comb over haircut.

Along with the image of Donald Trump each sheet of toilet paper also has a saying like “DUMP THE TRUMP!” and “WE SHALL OVERCOMB!”, what a great way to show you are anti-Trump.

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buy President Trump 2017 Inauguration Day T-Shirt

President Trump 2017 Inauguration Day T-Shirt

Now you can have Donald Trump t-shirt made for the inauguration in January 2017.

This t-shirt is available in many colors and in style for both men and women and all these shirts are made from 100% cotton.

On the shirt, you can see the president’s seal with in the middle the picture of Mr. Trump and around the seal it says “President Donald Trump Inauguration Day January 20th, 2017”.

So if you want to show how proud you are about Trump being the President of the United States Of America then this is the t-shirt you want to wear.

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