buy Donald Trump Bobblehead

Donald Trump Bobblehead

If you think Donald Trump can make America great again then this is the bobble head for you.

This limited edition bobblehead shows Donald in a nice blue suit and red tie holding up both thumbs and wearing his famous red cap that says “Making America Great Again”.

The figure of Donald shows him standing on a platform that says “Trump ’16” and shows an officially looking seal under his feet.

The Donald Trump bobblehead is 8 inch tall and a great thing to have on your desk because then Trump can shake his head at you all day long making you wonder if he is approving you work or ready to fire you.

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buy John Wayne Bobblehead

John Wayne Bobblehead

John Wayne Bobblehead

Now you can have your own little cowboy in your home and not just any cowboy no it’s John Wayne.

This is a 9.5 inch tall John Wayne bobblehead and it just looks stunning like he just walked out of a movie.

The bobblehead shows John Wayne in cowboy gear holding a weapon on his shoulder and wearing a big cowboy hat. And John is standing on a round stand that says “John Wayne” on it just in case you didn’t knew that already.

Any bobblehead or John Wayne collector will enjoy owning this amazingly detailed figurine and that is why you should add it to your collection.

buy Justin Timberlake NSync Collectible Doll

Justin Timberlake NSync Collectible Doll

Justin Timberlake Collectible Doll

‘NSync had great success starting in 1995 and have continued to be popular today. Justin Timberlake was one of the members of the band and has gone on to bigger things, but he can’t forget that he started with ‘NSync.

This collectible doll of Justin Timberlake is a marionette style of doll. He is wearing a casual baseball shirt and blue navy cargo pants and has curly highlighted hair.

Brought to you by Living Toyz, Justin Timberlake box is approximately 13.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 3 inches. It comes with instructions on how to move the marionette, a display stand and a small poster. You can also leave it in the box to keep as a collectors item and show off on a shelf.

You’ll be singing all the hits while making Justin Timberlake dance into the night.

buy Muhammad Ali Thrilla In Manila Action Figure

Muhammad Ali Thrilla In Manila Action Figure

Muhammid Ali Thrilla In Manila Action Figure

One of the greatest boxers of all time Muhammad Ali has had many awesome fights that blew up the boxing world with televsion ratings and recordĀ attendances, if you love this boxer and the sport this is a collectable piece you will need.

This action figure is of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, with very intracate design and carefully crafted it is very realistic and features Ali in white shorts and red gloves in a mid right hand punch and measures 7 inches tall.

It is a very collectable piece as it is in a window box package to display it while keeping it in mint condition, made by the awesome collectable tarding company Upper Deck this is from the Pro Shot series and is Muhammad Ali #2: 1975 Thrilla In Manila.

buy Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll

Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll

Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll

She is so beautiful and radiant everyday. She is Princess Kate Middleton. Now you can bring her into your home to add a ray of sunshine to all the cloudy days.

This Kate Middleton doll depicts Kate on her engagement day with Prince William. She is wearing her “royal” blue engagement dress, a wonderful smile and it comes with a second dress that was worn in the official engagement picture.

This is a limited edition collector’s doll that measures approximately 16″ tall. It comes with a doll stand, it is hand numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. It is made of fine porcelain and is hand painted.

There is no better piece of royal history than this Kate Middleton Engagement Doll created by The Ashton-Drake Galleries.

buy Bettie Page Pin Up Statue

Bettie Page Pin Up Statue

Bettie Paige Pin Up Statue

When you here “Queen of pin ups” only one name comes ringing out loud and clear.

Bettie Page, an icon that started and influenced many other careers in the industry.

Featured is Bettie Page in a classic pin up pose standing with all of her curves beautifully sculpted as she stands on a solid base, she has her trademark jet black hair with bangs cut straight across her forehead and wearing black stockings and lingerie that is also removable.

This is a very collectable high quality statue from Joy and Tom Studios that stands 18 inches tall and is at a 1:4 Scale, it is part of a limited edition series of only 500 pieces.