buy Freddie Mercury Coasters

Freddie Mercury Coasters

If you want something to put your glasses and mugs on then check out these Freddie Mercury Coasters.

The coasters come in a set of 4 and are masonite board with cork backing and on it you can see a black background with on it a cool picture of Freddie Mercury while singing.

The coasters are great for on your table and just perfect for keeping your table clean from wet marks.

And if you like the design of the coaster but would like Freddie on a different product then click on the picture as you can get this design t-shirt, dress, stickers, phone cases and much more.

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buy Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket Costume T-Shirt

Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket Costume T-Shirt

Now there is this Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket Costume T-Shirt which is just perfect for a true Queen fan.

This Queen costume t-shirt is unisex so perfect for both men and women and comes in sizes XSmall – XL and you can pick black or white sleeves.

True queen fans know about the yellow jacket Freddie Mercury wore that, to me looks a bit like a straitjacket.

And this yellow jacket t-shirt makes for the perfect Halloween costume but also something a true Queen fan likes to wear any day of the week.

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buy Freddy Mercury Union Jack Face Mask

Freddy Mercury Union Jack Face Mask

Now Queen fans can wear this Freddy Mercury Union Jack Face Mask.

Covid and the pandemic make it clear that we can keep people and ourselves safe by wearing a face mask but most are so boring and that is why you want this.

This face mask has the British Union Jack flag in the background and then on top of that you find an image of the Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury.

All that makes it a really cool face mask and it is good to know that you can wash it after use so that you can wash the virus and other dirt of it before you wear it again. And the Queen mask is available in sizes for kids and adults.

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buy Mr Queen T-Shirt

Mr Queen T-Shirt

If you like Freddie Mercury then this Mr Queen T-Shirt is just perfect for you.

You can get this Queen t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in lots of colors and sizes from babies all the way to adults 10XL.

If you know the Mr. Clean ads then you know the famous muscled man with the company logo below it and this Freddie Mercury t-shirt looks just like that.

Freddie is standing with his arms folded with below it the text “Mr. Queen” to make it look really similar to the Mr. Clean picture.

It is a fun shirt to wear to be reminded about the famous Mr. Mercury.

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buy LEGO Freddie Mercury Minifigure

LEGO Freddie Mercury Minifigure

Now there is a LEGO Freddie Mercury Minifigure and that is great fun to have for all the fans of Queen and LEGO.

The LEGO figure is not an official LEGO product which makes it a bit harder to get but it looks amazing.

As you can see Freddie is wearing his white pants and flashy shirt and he is holding a microphone and to make it even better the head is a double sided singing head so you can actually make his face have by turning his head.

Click on the picture for a better look at this Freddie Mercury figure so that you will know how amazing it really is.

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buy British Flag Freddie Mercury T-Shirt

British Flag Freddie Mercury T-Shirt

“I Want To Break Free” is an amazing song by the British group Queen. Freddie Mercury was the front man of the band and belted out some of our favorite rock songs of the 70’s and 80’s.

This t-shirt features a black and white Freddie Mercury holding up a giant British flag behind him in bright red, blue and white. The bottom of the t-shirt has Freddie Mercury in a small font.

The t-shirt is 100% cotton and comes in sizes S to 2XL so every Freddie Mercury and Queen fan will be able to wear and enjoy it.

You can even belt out the lyrics to “We Are The Champions” while wearing the British Flag Freddie Mercury T-Shirt down the street. People will love it.

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