buy Guy on Fire: Recipes In Outdoor Cooking

Guy on Fire: Recipes In Outdoor Cooking

Guy on Fire Recipes In Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking is not everyone’s specialty, but it can be with the help of Guy Fieri. Impress all your friends at your next barbecue, camping adventure, game day tailgate party or when you are just hanging in the backyard.

Guy on Fire has 130 recipes for your outdoor cooking pleasure on your grill. It is full of colorful pictures of mouth watering goodness, helpful tips for planning ahead and the equipment you will be using.

The book contains 352 pages and measures approximately 9″ x 8″ to make it a perfect addition to your cookbook collection.

Get the Guy on Fire cookbook today and start putting the “wow” into your dinners and desserts.

buy Guy Fieri Wig And Goatee

Guy Fieri Wig And Goatee

Chef Guy Fieri Wig And Goatee

Are you crazy about food that you will look all over every nook and crany in the world to find the best places big or small, well if so this is the perfect costume for you.

This costume features the wig of hair just like television star and host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Guy Fieri, a light blonde spiked head of hair. Also you get the unmistakable Goatee that is dark brown with a blonde longer center part.

Guy Fieri would be proud to see you looking just like him, the challenge now is can you make him proud by finding some of your own little gems of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.