buy Elvis Gold And Crystals Earrings

Elvis Gold And Crystals Earrings

Now there are these Elvis Gold And Crystals Earrings that are just perfect for true fans of the King.

These earrings are hoop earrings with Elvis in the middle and he is surrounded music notes and his name and even 12 real Swarovski crystal and the earrings itself are 18K gold plated.

And these amazing looking Elvis Presley earrings come in a nice gift box and that means that you can buy them for yourself but also get them as a present for true big Elvis Presley fan.

Hang this Elvis jewelry in your ears and people will know that you are never forgetting Elvis.

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buy Ed Sheeran Guitar Pick Necklace

Ed Sheeran Guitar Pick Necklace

Now there is some jewelry for the true fans of Ed Sheeran.

This necklace has a guitar pick as a pendant and the pick is white and in black it has the name “Ed Sheeran” on it and below it his autograph.

The pendant hangs on a 24 inches long stainless steel necklace to make it perfect for everyday wearing.

So now you can carry Ed Sheeran close to you heart and as it looks so cool you probably will never want to take it off.

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buy Drake Holding His Ears Necklace

Drake Holding His Ears Necklace

This necklace of Drake is something every fan deserves.

It is a dog tag style necklace with on it a black and white image of drake with his eyes close and his hands on his ears and it seems like he is a trance getting ready to perform.

With the necklace comes a 30 inch chain that can be adjusted in size and even has a 3 inch extender if you like it longer.

Jewelry like this is not fancy but perfect for everyday when you want to show the world that you like the music of Drake.

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buy Michael Jackson Pendant Necklace

Michael Jackson Pendant Necklace

This Michael Jackson pendant necklace has a pendant that is shaped like the famous music star while wearing a black suit and hat and doing one of his famous poses.

The pendant is black and silver in color and the chain colors with that. With a metal necklace like this you can show the world that Michael Jackson maybe dead but he is not forgotten and will live on in your heart forever.

A special piece of fan jewelry like this is something only a true fan would wear and that also makes it a great present for that true fan in your life.

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buy Rihanna Dog Tag Photo Necklace

Rihanna Dog Tag Photo Necklace

If you are a Rihanna fan that likes to have their star close then this necklace could be perfect for you.

This is a dog tag style necklace with a 30 inch long ball necklace and on that a dog tag that has an amazing photo of Rihanna on one side.

As you can see above Rihanna is bending over while giving you a nice smile just for you.

Jewelry like this is special because it show you favorite star at her best.

So if you want a fun necklace you can wear any day of the week that has Rihanna on it then I would not look any further as this is the one you want.

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buy Jimi Hendrix Guitar Pick Necklace

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Pick Necklace

Jimi Hendrix Guitar Pick Necklace

Jimi Hendrix is a music icon and he is known most for his awesome guitar riffs and very awesome guitar solos, he has many songs that are just wickedly good and unique.

This is a really cool guitar pick that has been made into a pendant and put on a necklace, the pendant guitar pick has a great classic image of Jimi Hendrix playing his white guitar wearing a black jacket and of course his afro hair cut.

Made to be very durable the guitar pick is also useable it is white on the back side and it is a medium gauge of (0.71mm), if you want to directly get some help fromm the guitar picking master check out the Hendrix guitar pick.

buy David Tennant Wrist Watch

David Tennant Wrist Watch

David Tennant Wrist Watch

If you liked David Tennant as Doctor Who then you gone love this wrist watch.

The watch has a silver toned case and a barrel design with a leather band. And then there  is the watch face that shows the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 but it’s all about what is behind there that counts and that is a picture of David Tennant wearing a blue suite and behind him the galaxy and the Tardis that he used to travel in when he was the 10th Doctor.

David Tennant or Doctor Who fans both will love this classic time piece so why not add one to your collection.

buy Michael Jackson The King Of Pop Necklace

Michael Jackson The King Of Pop Necklace

Michael Jackson The King Of Pop Necklace

If you celebrate Michael Jackson’s life in a subtle way, then why not do it with a necklace with a leather chain and a metal pendant. He was so very special to the music industry and created a new way to dance and present music to the world.

This necklace’s pendant features a silhouette of Michael Jackson’s face by using just his eyes, nose, mouth and a little piece of hair. In the top right corner, there is his signature and on the bottom right, there is a king’s crown and a microphone. Perfect!

The necklace portion is made of a leather rope that is 27 inches long. The pendant measures 1.75 inches by 1.25 inches. What a great unique way to keep Michael alive.

buy Taylor Swift Infinity Necklace

Taylor Swift Infinity Necklace

Looking for that perfect present for the Taylor Swift fan in your life? Or maybe just something fun for your self.

This necklace shows a infinity loop but a part of it spells “Swiftie” and has a heart and that of course is perfect for a fan of Taylor Swift.

The pendant is 2.1 x 0.75 inch and comes with an 18 inch long chain.

Taylor Swift jewelry makes the perfect present and if it looks a nice as this then what are you waiting for.

If you are gone be an Taylor Swift fan for ever then of course you need this infinity necklace.

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buy Austin Mahone Infinity Necklace

Austin Mahone Infinity Necklace

Austin Mahone Mahomie Infinity Necklace
Are you a true fan of Austin Mahone?

If you are then you are gone love this necklace.

This necklace has a 18 inch chain and on the end of the chain you find a pendant witch makes an infinity loop and has the word “Mahomie” on it. And sure this means that you are a Austin Mahone fan forever. And there is even a little heart on the pendant.

This piece of jewelry would make the perfect gift for an Austin Mahone fan.