buy 2019 JoJo Siwa Wall Calendar

2019 JoJo Siwa Wall Calendar

Find some room on your wall because now there is the perfect 2019 JoJo Siwa wall calendar.

The calendar is 12 x 12 inches when folded making it 12 x 24 when open with a big picture of JoJo on the top and the calendar grid below it and on this calendar grid you have plenty of room for appointments and things and all the big holidays are already filled out for you.

And as it is a Jojo Siwa calendar they added fun picture of her so that every month you will have a nice new image of Jojo and some come with text too.

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buy Pink JoJo Siwa Watch

Pink JoJo Siwa Watch

If you child loves JoJo Siwa and needs to know the time then you should get them this fun pink JoJo Siwa watch.

The pink wrist watch has a band that is covered in hearts and bows and then there is the watch face that has an image of JoJo on it but no arms or the time until you press the watch then you will see a digital time show up.

Kids will love a cute and fun wrist watch like this and maybe it will help them get home on time or to learn what time it is.

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buy JoJo Siwa Eat Sleep Dance Backpack

JoJo Siwa Eat Sleep Dance Backpack

If you like Jojo Siwa and need a fun backpack then you should check out this JoJo Siwa eat sleep dance backpack.

The Jojo Siwa backpack is pink and shows a front pocket that is shiny and silver and shows JoJo sitting down and above her it says “Eat Dance Sleep” and besides that there is more on the bag like her name and printed buttons and all that makes it into an awesome bag.

The backpack is 16 x 12 x 5 inches making it the perfect size for all your adventures from going to school or just hanging out with friends this pink JoJo backpack is perfect for the task.

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buy JoJo Siwa Toothbrush

JoJo Siwa Toothbrush

We all want clean teeth and now you can have a JoJo Siwa toothbrush that is soft and made to clean the teeth of kids and adults.

The toothbrushes come in a set of two and one is pink with the signature bows on it and the other is blu with JoJo Siwa on it. Both brushes are soft and have a small head and that makes them great for the kids that love JoJo but also for adults as it can help you clean those teeth all the way in the back of your mouth.

If you need a cool toothbrush to make you child brush their teeth then check out these JoJo Siwa toothbrushes as they looks fun just like JoJo.

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buy JoJo Siwa Be Happy T-Shirt

JoJo Siwa Be Happy T-Shirt

If you like to get a cool JoJo Siwa t-shirt then you just have to check out this JoJo Siwa be happy t-shirt.

The shirt is hot pink and on it you can see JoJo and she is making a heart with her hand and she has a bow in her hair and there is another bow on the shirt to. And it says “Be Happy” on it and has JoJo Siwa’s name on it too.

You can get this fun shirt of JoJo in many kids sizes and I am sure that you child would love getting one as a present.

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buy 2018 JoJo Siwa Wall Calendar

2018 JoJo Siwa Wall Calendar

This year your wall can look way more fun as there now is a JoJo Siwa wall calendar for 2018.

JoJo is fun and has a lot of energy and you can find that back in this wall calendar.

Each month will bring a fun photo of JoJo Siwa and a little quote like “Be You” or “Dance It Out” and all that makes it fun to look at and you just feel the energy from JoJo.

Besides the photo’s there is a calendar grid with the major holidays on it and plenty of space for your and your friends birthdays.

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