buy Lady Gaga Coloring Book

Lady Gaga Coloring Book

Need something fun to do then you should check out this Lady Gaga Coloring Book.

We all need some time away from our screens and a coloring book is a great way to relax and do something else and if you like Lady Gaga then this coloring book would be really fun.

And this coloring book has 50 pages so there is a lot of coloring todo.

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga then coloring the pictures will be fun and maybe make you feel like you are part of her world.

So put away your phone and get out the coloring pencils and have some fun.

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buy Pink Hat Lady Gaga Wall Clock

Pink Hat Lady Gaga Wall Clock

If you like to know if it is Lady Gaga time then you just need to get this pink hat Lady Gaga wall clock.

The wall clock comes in 3 colors wood, white, and black and the hands come in white and black so that you can make this Gaga clock will fit perfectly in your home.

The clock face is light blue and on the edge you can see Lady Gaga looking at the time while wearing a pink hat.

If you are a true Lady Gaga fan then you know that it is the album art from the Joanne album.

So no longer do you have to grab your phone to see what time it is because Lady Gaga is here to help you figure out what time it is.

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buy Lady Gaga Artpop Album Cover Shower Curtain

Lady Gaga Artpop Album Cover Shower Curtain

Lady Gaga is an amazing musician and a wonderful person that everyone loves. One of her photo shoots she did was edgy, provocative yet classy with a blue glass ball created by a sculpture artist Jeff Koons.

This shower curtain features one of the amazing photographs and the image of her music album of Lady Gaga sitting down naked with her hair covering her front and a blue glass ball also in front of her. You also see the title of her third album “ARTPOP”.

Made to be very durable from a 100% polyester that measures 72 inches x 60 inches. A standard shower curtain that has 12 holes for the included rings that are C-shaped.

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buy Lady Gaga Middle Finger T-Shirt

Lady Gaga Middle Finger T-Shirt

This women’s t-shirt is all about a women that is know for thinking outside the box Lady Gaga.

On this white shirt you can see a black and white image of Lady Gaga and she seems to have a her middle finger up in the air and the nail on that finger is red witch is also the only color on the shirt.

Besides her middle finger Lady Gaga is wearing black sunglasses and a hair band.

You can get this Lady Gaga t-shirt in many women’s sizes and all are made from 100% cotton and the shirt does not have any side seams for extra comfort.

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buy Gaga Is My Valentine T-Shirt

Gaga Is My Valentine T-Shirt

Gaga Is My Valentine T-Shirt

Is Lady Gaga the only women in your life?

If so then this is the perfect Valentine’s Day t-shirt.

This white t-shirt shows Lady Gaga with her long hair and below that the text “Gaga is my Valentine”.

And this officially licensed Lady Gaga products comes in a wide range of sizes from Small – 2XL.

Of course most people expect Gaga to go over the top but the art work on this t-shirt shows a more normal and more real Lady Gaga and one I personally like a lot better.

So if you want the perfect Valentine t-shirt and are a true fan then this is one t-shirt you should take a look at.

buy Lady Gaga Bling Bling Glasses

Lady Gaga Bling Bling Glasses

Lady Gaga Bling Bling Glasses

Lady Gaga always seems to find a way to wear something different and create a whole new type of fashion for people to enjoy. Now you can add some of that style and lots of bling with these rhinestone glasses.

These glasses are full of jewel accents all over the clear glasses.

The glasses are made by Rubie’s Costume Co. and are made of 100% plastic and come in one size fits all. Don’t forget that they are officially licensed, so they are Lady Gaga approved.

While working on your “Poker Face” you can wear the Lady Gaga Bling Bling Glasses. They are sure to help.

buy Lady Gaga Bitch Teeth 2013 Canceled Tour T-Shirt

Lady Gaga Bitch Teeth 2013 Canceled Tour T-Shirt

Lady Gaga Bitch Teeth 2013 Canceled Tour T-Shirt

Have you been waiting forever for your favorite concert just to find out it has been cancelled? It does happen, but why not get a piece of a cancelled tour with this Lady Gaga cancelled tour t-shirt. It is still a really cool t-shirt that not many people may have.

It is an black t-shirt with a great black and white picture of Lady Gaga with bright red lipstick. “Free Bitch” is written on her teeth and the back of the t-shirt has 39 tour dates for the 2013 The Born This Way Ball.

The t-shirt comes in adult sizing from S to XL and 100% cotton. It is a piece of authentic merchandise from the cancelled tour.

It’s ok to wear this t-shirt, you were born this way.

buy Lady Gaga Book

Lady Gaga Book

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Book

If you are a big Lady Gaga fan, this is the book that you need on your coffee table for everyone to see. This book has many behind the scene original photographs (over 400) of Lady Gaga during one year of her life.

The front cover displays Lady Gaga from behind in a leather jacket with GaGa doused in bling. She has her short blond hair and black sun glasses on.

The book is written by Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and has 360 pages. It is a hardcover book and measures approximately 5.25″ x 4.25″ x .5″.

Lady Gaga is a conversation piece on her own, but why not supplement those discussions with your friends with this out of the park book of amazing pictures.

buy Lady Gaga Close Up T-Shirt

Lady Gaga Close Up T-Shirt

Lady Gaga two sides t-shirt
Do you want that special Lady Gaga t-shirt?

This black t-shirt shows a heart and the words “Lady Gaga” and then on the front you can find a big close up photo of Lady Gaga’s head all in black and white.

This Lady Gaga t-shirt is special and that is why you want to take a look at it.

The junior fit t-shirt will fit snug to make it stand out just right.

And this Lady Gaga t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in a wide range of sizes.

The fun start with just getting a Lady Gaga t-shirt.

buy Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush

Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush

Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush

Sure you can brush your teeth with any toothbrush but a Lady Gaga fan should check out this toothbrush.

This is a Lady Gaga toothbrush and she will sing for you while you brush you teeth.
2 songs are stored in the toothbrush and she will sing them over and over again specially for you.

And Lady Gaga does things a little bit different so no white or fun colored bristles on this brush this time they are black.
And the black head looks great with the gold handle that has a Lady Gaga picture on it.

If you start brushing your teeth very often now because of the singing then no worries the Lady Gaga singing toothbrush has replaceable heads so it will last you a long time.

Are you ready for Lady Gaga to sing at you?