buy Marilyn Monroe Diva Apron

Marilyn Monroe Diva Apron

Now you can get this Marilyn Monroe Diva Apron that is just perfect on your when you are going to cook.

This apron shows a really cool image of Marilyn Monroe and she looks like a diva. And the design takes up the whole front with a grey file around Marilyn and that means that if you wear it for cooking then food parts end up mixing up in the background so that it doesn’t look so dirty.

And this Marilyn Monroe apron is machine washable and made from 100% polyester so that it will be always ready for the next time you cook.

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buy Marylin Monroe Bubble Gum Face Mask

Marylin Monroe Bubble Gum Face Mask

Now there is this Marylin Monroe Bubble Gum Face Mask.

This face mask is not a medical grade mask but one that is made for people to use when they leave the house to go grocery shopping, go to work and so on as it is a great way to protect your from other people’s bugs and you protect them from your bugs.

The mask come in kids and adult sizes with elastic loops for behind your ears and then on the white fabric it shows a fun image of Marylin Monroe while she is blowing a gum bubble.

Wearing face masks may not be fun but wearing this one with Marylin on it could make others smile when they see it.

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buy Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt Dress

Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt Dress

Now there is this Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt Dress that look great and bring back memories to this amazing woman.

The women’s dress is a t-shirt style dress and is all black with on the front a big black and white picture of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn look great on this casual dress and to make it look great on you they offer this dress in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL.

So if you want a cool dress or are a big fan of Marilyn then this could be the dress that you should be adding to your wardrobe.

Now everyone will know who Marilyn Monroe is because you can show her off by wearing this dress.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

Now you can take a nap under this Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket.

If you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe then you can really enjoy this in your home as it looks pretty nice.

The throw blanket is red and on it you can see a nice picture of Marilyn complete with yellow hair and a great look.

This blanket is available in 3 sizes and is made from 100% polyester fleece. A nice blanket like this is great for in the home but also great for a picnic in the park or as blanket for in the car for a road trip.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Blowing Bubbles Luggage Tag

Marilyn Monroe Blowing Bubbles Luggage Tag

Now there is a Marilyn Monroe Blowing Bubbles Luggage Tag that would look great on your suitcase.

If you are someone that travels a lot then you need a good bag tag that will look amazing and is great at keeping your info and you are in luck because this luggage tag has all that.

The luggage tag shows a photo of Marilyn Monroe and it is in black and white but there is pink color to as it is the bubble she is blowing with her gum.

You will find the same image on both the front and the back and on the back the picture flaps back to show your ID card that you can easily fill out yourself and change if needed.

Now you can travel in style all thanks to this Marilyn Monroe luggage tag.


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buy Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card

Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card

Now there is this Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card that you can send to all your friends.

The Marilyn Monroe greeting card is available in different sizes all with envelopes.

On the front of the card, you can see a light purple background and from the top, you can see birthday decorations and even some balloons and then there is a sexy image of Marilyn Monroe and next to her it says “Happy Birthday from one sex symbol to another!”.

It is a funny card you can send to all your friends especially if they like the classic Marilyn Monroe.

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buy Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder

Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder

Now you can get a Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder that can hold all your papers.

This binder is made by Avery and the binder has 3 rings and comes in different sizes and you can pick the inside color too.

But it is all about the outside as there you can see a nice black and white photo of Marilyn with curly hair and a big smile on her face.

Now you can take Marilyn Monroe to the office or school and it can keep your work neatly organized and then there is home as there this binder is great too as it can hold so many loose papers you have lying around.

Get your Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder

buy Marilyn Monroe Water Bottle

Marilyn Monroe Water Bottle

Now there is an amazing Marilyn Monroe Water Bottle.

The water bottle is just great at holding water and is made from BPA free Tritan plastic and is see through with a red wide lid for easy drinking and filling.

On the water bottle you can find a nice photo of Marilyn Monroe in her younger years and on the other side of the bottle you can find a kiss from her and her autograph is on the bottle too.

This water bottle can hold up to 32 ounce of water making it great for school, work, the gym, or a hike.

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buy Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Christmas Ornament

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Christmas Ornament

Now your tree can have this special Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Christmas Ornament.

The holiday ornament is all about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and both are dressed up in red and white just like Santa Claus. Elvis is sitting on the edge of a red car while playing guitar while Marilyn is enjoying the music.

The ornament we show you is round with a metal edge and a red string to hang it but if you like a different style then they are available too and you can see them all by clicking on the picture.

A Christmas can now have this nice classic looking ornament.

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buy 2019 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar

2019 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar

Now there is a great looking 2019 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar that will look amazing on your wall.

The 2019 calendar is full of nice image of Marilyn and all are in black in white and that make this calendar look great almost anywhere as the black and white photos will blend in nicely.

Every month of 2019 you will get a nice new photo and even for the rest of 2018 this is the calendar for you.

Beside the nice photographs of Marilyn Monroe there is an amazing calendar grid too that offers lots of space for you notes and already has major holidays filled in.

Get your 2019 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar