buy Tattooed Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt

Tattooed Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt

Tattooed Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt

Marilyn Monroe was an amazing and beautiful woman that graced the big screen in the 1950’s and 60’s. Now flash forward to the 21st century and imagine what Marilyn might look like or act. This t-shirt gives us an interesting take on Marilyn.

The t-shirt features a picture of Marilyn Monroe with lots of tattoos, a bandanna and a gun. She still has her beautiful smile and blonde hair. Under the picture of Marilyn is the word Respect and you better give her some or else.

It is a black t-shirt that is made of 100% cotton and it is a unisex t-shirt. It comes in sizes Small, Medium and XL.

Don’t let her fool you with her cute looks, she can be one tough cookie!

buy Women’s Marilyn Monroe Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Women’s Marilyn Monroe Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Womens Marilyn Monroe Pullover Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

We all love to cuddle up in our favorite sweatshirt and sweatshirts are made for lounging around your house, but not this one. This Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt is so beautiful you are going to want to wear it every where you go.

This black long sleeve pull over sweatshirt has a Marilyn Monroe print on the front. She is in a white dress, has short blond hair and her famous red lipstick. It is a great contrast between the print and the black of the sweatshirt.

It comes in a women’s one size that fits Small to XL.

Everyone is going to ask where you got this sweatshirt, you can just smile and quote Marilyn by saying, “Being Normal is Boring”.

buy Marilyn Monroe Official Celebrity Mask

Marilyn Monroe Official Celebrity Mask

Marilyn Monroe Official Celebrity Mask

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” Well said Marilyn, well said! Let’s live a little and act more like Marilyn Monroe. She was so great at living life to the fullest everyday. Why not help your inner Monroe come out by looking a little more like her with this mask.

The mask has nothing but the likeness of Marilyn, her short blonde hair and her bright smile decorated with red lipstick.

This mask is made face sized that measures approximately 14″ x 8.4″ x .01″. There is an elastic to hold the mask on your face and the eyes are cut out to make sure you can see where you are going. Safety first!

Get your Marilyn style on with this great look-a-like mask.

buy The Films of Marilyn 2015 Wall Calendar

The Films of Marilyn 2015 Wall Calendar

The Films of Marilyn 2015 Calendar

Who doesn’t fancy the beautiful Marilyn Monroe hanging on your wall to tell you when your next girls weekend is or your next date with the love of your life is going to be.

This 2015 calendar features pictures of Marilyn from classic films she was in like “How to Marry a Millionaire” and “Let’s Make it Legal”. There are colored pictures and black and whites too.

This wall calendar measures 12″ x 12″ when it is closed, but opens to a size of 12″ x 24″. It is a 12 month calendar and an opening spread of the last six months of 2014, thus bringing your total to 18 months of calendar.

Who else would you trust with your important dates? I say give them to Marilyn to add a bit of class and character to those dreary Mondays.