buy 2020 Michael Jackson Wall Calendar

2020 Michael Jackson Wall Calendar

Now you can have this 2020 Michael Jackson Wall Calendar in your home or office.

The wall calendar is all about Michael Jackson with amazing photo’s that will bring back memories to the career of Michael.

Now the whole year you can have some amazing photos and every month you find something new.

There is a nice calendar grid to and it will have all the major holidays on it but I don’t think it has the birthday of Michael Jackson on it so you have to mark that yourself.

So after ordering your wall calendar you just need to find the perfect spot on a wall at your home.

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buy Michael Jackson Music Box

Michael Jackson Music Box

Bring Thriller back to your life by adding this Michael Jackson Music Box to your home.

This music box is made from wood an even can have an engravement on the bottom and on the sides, you see some scary images we know from the Thriller music clip and on top, you find Michael Jackson on top as his zombie self and he will turn around when you play the music.

A music box like this is a great item for a big fan of Michael Jackson and that means that this is great for you if you are one and otherwise it makes for a great present too.

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buy Michael Jackson Bad Album Cover T-Shirt

Michael Jackson Bad Album Cover T-Shirt

Bad was one of my favorite Michael Jackson albums and now there is a t-shirt with the album art on it.

You can get this Michael Jackson t-shirt in many styles for men and women and it comes in different colors and sizes too.

On the shirt, you can see a young Michael in his leather jacket and beside it in black letters, it says “Michael Jackson” and in red it says “Bad”.

So if you want to show the world that you really like Michael Jackson music then do so by wearing this Bad album cover t-shirt.

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buy Micheal Jackson Face Women’s Swimsuit

Micheal Jackson Face Women’s Swimsuit

Now there is the perfect Micheal Jackson swimsuit for the women out here that would love to take Micheal to the beach or pool.

This is a one piece swimsuit that is a cyan in color and looks shiny and on top of that you can find the face of Micheal Jackson also in a shiny colorful way. And you can find Micheal Jackson on both the front and the back of this bathing suit.

Just imagine going to a pool party wearing this then of course the classic Jackson songs have to get played just to honour you.

Get your Micheal Jackson Face Women’s Swimsuit

buy Micheal Jackson Shower Curtain

Micheal Jackson Shower Curtain

If you always dreamed about showering with Micheal Jackson then now you can as this is a Micheal Jackson shower curtain.

With this shower curtain your bathroom will look so much more like you as it is so much more personal then just a plain shower curtain you buy anywhere.

This shower curtain shows A picture of Micheal Jackson with one hand in his pocket and also looks like he is made from paint as there is a splash effect on it witch makes it look even more special.

The Micheal Jackson shower curtain is 48 x 72 inch and this maybe a bit smaller then most shower curtains but that also makes it perfect for a shower stall or a smaller tub.

Get your Micheal Jackson Shower Curtain

buy Micheal Jackson Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Micheal Jackson Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Now you can have a Micheal Jackson vinyl record wall clock witch of course is perfect as Jackson was a recording artist.

The wall clock shows Micheal Jackson in different dance poses and in the centre you find the clock and above all that in big letters “MJ” as the initials of Micheal Jackson.

A wall clock like this is special and something you will not see very often and that mean that if you are a real collector of stuff about Micheal then I would not wait to long as this clock maybe gone before you know it.

Now is the time to get the clock that makes you want to dance and all that is because of Micheal Jackson of course.

Get your Micheal Jackson Vinyl Record Wall Clock

buy Michael Jackson Pendant Necklace

Michael Jackson Pendant Necklace

This Michael Jackson pendant necklace has a pendant that is shaped like the famous music star while wearing a black suit and hat and doing one of his famous poses.

The pendant is black and silver in color and the chain colors with that. With a metal necklace like this you can show the world that Michael Jackson maybe dead but he is not forgotten and will live on in your heart forever.

A special piece of fan jewelry like this is something only a true fan would wear and that also makes it a great present for that true fan in your life.

Get your Michael Jackson Pendant Necklace

buy Cartoon Michael Jackson Zombie Puzzle

Cartoon Michael Jackson Zombie Puzzle

You need this puzzle if you are a fan of spending some time with Michael Jackson.

This Cartoon Michael Jackson zombie jigsaw puzzle is so colorful. Blues, purples and yellows flood the puzzle. It is Michael Jackson lighting up the street just like in his “Billy Jean” music video. There is a city in the background and street lights lighting the way as he dances up the street. Don’t forget the beautiful star lit night.

This puzzle is made in Spain and contains 500 pieces. The finished puzzle measures approximately 18.75 inches by 13.5 inches. This is perfect to use the puzzle glue that comes with the puzzle and hang it in your home or frame it and give it away as a present to that Michael Jackson fan.

Get your Cartoon Michael Jackson Zombie Puzzle

buy Michael Jackson Red Leather Jacket

Michael Jackson Red Leather Jacket

Michael Jackson Red Leather Jacket

This red leather jacket is a replica of the one that you see a young Michael Jackson wearing in the music video for his hit song “Beat It”, features many silver zippers on the chest, arms and all over aswell as the silver mesh on each shoulder.

Made from 100% genuine leather this jacket is not just for show, it is fully functionable, very comfortable and durable to last you a long time. It has a fully zip front and a stand up collar with two inside pockets and a durable viscose inner linning.

Make this the perfect addition to complete your Halloween costume or just wear it for all occasions, it is available in a huge selection of sizes that range from XSmall to 3XL.

buy Michael Jackson King Of Pop Signed T-Shirt

Michael Jackson King Of Pop Signed T-Shirt

Michael Jackson King Of Pop Signed T-Shirt

Michael Jackson is, was ans always will be the king of pop music, with breakthrough songs and videos to change music for so many.

This is a t-shirt that features Michael Jackson on the front in his all white suit with a white hat belting out one of his great songs and grabbing below his waist as he often did.

The t-shirt also features a print of his signature in the lower right corner and will look good for many different types of occasions.

It is available in a range of sizes so all fans can enjoy and it is made from 100% cotton to give it the durability you need while also having a very soft and comfortable feel.

Keep Michael Jackson alive and give your support in this amazing t-shirt.