buy Miley Cyrus T-Shirt With Pool Sleeves

Miley Cyrus T-Shirt With Pool Sleeves

This Miley Cyrus t-shirt is a bit different as normal as the short sleeves have a cool blue pool print and the neckline is blue to.

Beside the water from the pool the t-shirt is white and on the front you can see a big picture of Miley with red lips giving you a wink.

It’s a great looking Miley Cyrus t-shirt that work for both men and women.

You can get this portrait t-shirt in unisex sizes Small – 4XL.

Wearing this Miley Cyrus t-shirt will make a statement and everyone will know that you are a true fan.

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buy Miley Cyrus Doormat

Miley Cyrus Doormat

Now you can wipe your feet on this Miley Cyrus doormat.

Of course you don’t want to much mud on your shoes other wise you make it dirty but if you do then no worries because the Miley Cyrus mat is machine washable.

The doormat shows Miley in a white tank top and red lips and also has her name on it.

At a size of 18 x 30 inch the doormat is just perfect for in front of your door and yes of course the mat is great for inside and outside.

So if you like Miley Cyrus and need a doormat then this mat is what you really should get.

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buy Miley Cyrus Pin Button Set

Miley Cyrus Pin Button Set

If you would like a Miley Cyrus pin button then look no further because this is what you need.

Not only is it Miley Cyrus on a pinback button but there are actually 10 different buttons in this set so that you can switch things up.

These Miley Cyrus buttons are 1 inch in diameter and just look great. On the buttons you can find color and black and white photo’s of Miley in all kind of poses and there is even a button with just her name.

Now every jacket, bag or hat you own can have it’s own Miley Cyrus button and that of course is just what you need.

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buy Miley Cyrus Winking Hat T-Shirt

Miley Cyrus Winking Hat T-Shirt

Get your newest Miley Cyrus piece of clothing. This t-shirt is great! But you will be the final judge on that.

The graphic on the t-shirt is Miley Cyrus with her platinum blonde hair, she is winking and has her red, red lips. She is wearing a oversized shirt with black sleeves and green leaves. She has a large gold chain hanging around her neck. On her bottoms she is just wearing white bikini bottoms. She is also hold a white hat.

This t-shirt comes in many different colors to choose. Fabulous colors like dark red, light blue and gold are at your fingertips to make this t-shirt all yours. It comes in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL and you can put the graphic on the front or the back of this t-shirt. It is also made of 100% cotton for durability and comfort.

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buy Miley Cyrus Short Hair Red Name iPhone Case

Miley Cyrus Short Hair Red Name iPhone Case

On this phone case you will see an all white case that has a black and white photograph of Miley Cyrus with her short fubky haircut that is shaved on the sides of her head and a longer blonde top. Also with the image of Miley Cyrus you will see a fancy written red text of her name “Miley Cyrus”.

This case is available in the following Apple iPhone devices:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4

And newer models to just click on the picture to see all your options.

A very durable case that will help protect your precious device from small bumps, scratches and dust aswell as leaving you all of the ports, buttons and camera open for use.

Get your Miley Cyrus Short Hair Red Name iPhone Case

buy Miley Cyrus Socks

Miley Cyrus Socks

Miley Cyrus Socks

Why wear plain socks when you can have Miley Cyrus on your feet?

These socks maybe a little bit strange but strange is good specially if you like Miley Cyrus.

Made from 100% cotton these white socks show a picture of Miley sticking her tongue out while holding her glasses and this picture is not just printed on one sock no it’s partly printed on each of the socks so you can put Miley Cyrus together by simply putting you feet next to each other.

Now you can have Miley Cyrus with you all day long and she doesn’t even mind sweaty feet.

buy Miley Cyrus Quote Sticker

Miley Cyrus Quote Sticker

Miley Cyrus Quote Sticker

This Miley Cyrus sticker is something everyone should have.

On the sticker you can see Miley and she looks like she is saying something and besides her you find a quote that says “If you belive in yourself anything is possible. – Miley Cyrus” and with a motivational quote like that you can start the day.

Of course we all know it’s true and now you can have this sticker on your computer, books, binder, car, fridge or where ever you go when you can use a pick you up.

The sticker is about 10 cm wide and can be easily removed without leaving residue and can also be used outdoors.

buy Miley Cyrus Wallet

Miley Cyrus Wallet

Miley Cyrus Bi-Fold Wallet

Miley Cyrus is here to keep an eye on your money and credit cards.

This Miley Cyrus wallet is just perfect for the true fan of this singer that once started as Hanna Montana and now looks more like a sex symbol.

The bi-fold wallet is white on the outside and shows a picture of Miley while blowing out some cigarette smoke while holding her cigarette in her hand.

On the inside the wallet offers money slots, card slots and even an ID card slot that has a protective window.

Why go for plain when you can have a Miley Cyrus wallet that people will admire when they see it.


buy Miley Cyrus Lying Down Vanity License Plate

Miley Cyrus Lying Down Vanity License Plate

Miley Cyrus Lying Down Vanity License Plate

Miley Cyrus has changed her style a couple of times, but no matter what she looks like she always puts out some great music for all of us to love. Now you can also display your love for this singer with the vanity license plate.

Miley is lying down with her long hair flowing down around her shoulders and she is dressed in a simple black dress.

The vanity license plate measures 12″ by 6″ and is made of durable aluminum that is water resistant to allow for a long lasting picture if you put the plate on your vehicle.

Get your Miley Cyrus Lying Down Vanity License Plate to put on your vehicle, wall, desk or even your front door. What ever you want!

buy Miley Cyrus Open Mouth Greeting Card

Miley Cyrus Open Mouth Greeting Card

Looking for the right greeting card to send for the next occasion? A thank you, a birthday message, or just because? This is the card for you!  It is a clean slate to write what ever it is you want.

This card features Miley Cyrus with her beautiful blue eyes and her mouth wide open. You never know what is going to come out of it next.

There are two sizes available for this greeting card, standard (4″x 6″) and large (5″x 7.5″). The envelopes are included. If the card is not right, then it also comes in a postcard measuring 4″x 6″. This way you can ensure the right product for the right person.

Get this card today and surprise that special someone with a look from Miley.

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