buy Team Cody Simpson Backpack

Team Cody Simpson Backpack

Team Cody Simpson Backpack
Are you the Cody Simpson fan in need of a cool backpack?

If you are then you are in luck as we found this Cody Simpson backpack witch is great for school and fun.

The backpack is 16 inch and has a picture of Cody on the front with this name “Cody Simpson” below it and next to it there it says “Team Cody” and then all the way below that there is a pink guitar to make it more musical.

The backpack is black with a big pink part and blue zippers and that all makes it stand out nicely.

There is one big compartment in this Cody Simpson backpack and two small once and all close by zippers. On the side there is a mesh where you can store things like a water bottle.

Stop looking for the perfect backpack as you have found the Team Cody backpack.

buy Cody Simpson Cardboard Cut Out Poster

Cody Simpson Cardboard Cut Out Poster

Cody Simpson Cardboard Cut Out Poster
Do like Cody Simpson?

If you do then you should check out this life size cardboard poster of him.
This poster is almost 6 feet tall and can stand by itself so you can use Cody as part of you party guests or just as poster on your wall.

This poster of Cody shows him wearing black long pants and a light blue tank top t-shirt.

Having a real size Cody Simpson is going to make you friends want one to but you know that you where the first one that has the amazing poster.

I would look where to place Cody Simpson right now!

buy Taylor Swift Red Dress Poster

Taylor Swift Red Dress Poster

Taylor Swift Poster
Taylor Swift likes red that is something we can be pretty sure about.

She made the Red album and has the Red tour and now there is a poster on witch she is wearing a red dress.

Taylor looks stunning as always and now you can have a poster of Taylor Swift making you room look even nicer.

This Taylor Swift red dress poster is 24 x 36 inch and has her name in the corner.

If you are a true Taylor Swift fan then of course you are collecting anything Taylor Swift and this poster should not be missing in your collection.

buy Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush

Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush

Lady Gaga Singing Toothbrush

Sure you can brush your teeth with any toothbrush but a Lady Gaga fan should check out this toothbrush.

This is a Lady Gaga toothbrush and she will sing for you while you brush you teeth.
2 songs are stored in the toothbrush and she will sing them over and over again specially for you.

And Lady Gaga does things a little bit different so no white or fun colored bristles on this brush this time they are black.
And the black head looks great with the gold handle that has a Lady Gaga picture on it.

If you start brushing your teeth very often now because of the singing then no worries the Lady Gaga singing toothbrush has replaceable heads so it will last you a long time.

Are you ready for Lady Gaga to sing at you?

buy Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

Justin Bieber Toothbrush
Justin Bieber fans of course need to brush their teeth and that means they need a toothbrush.

If you don’t have a nice toothbrush yet then you have to check out this Justin Bieber toothbrush.

On the toothbrush you can find a picture of Justin but that is not the real interesting thing about this toothbrush.

This toothbrush sings at you while you brush your teeth and yes it is Justin Bieber singing to you.

Besides a singing Justin Bieber this is a very normal soft bristled toothbrush that has replaceable heads (sold separately).

So if you like to hear Justin Bieber when you are brushing your teeth then you need this toothbrush.

buy Taylor Swift Pillow

Taylor Swift Pillow

Pillows are a fun way to decorate and if there is something fun on the pillows then it is even better.

What would you think of a Taylor Swift pillow.

This pillow is 18 x 18 inch and the cover is made from 100% cotton and the filling from 100% polyester.
The pillow is white and has a black and white photo of Taylor on it while she is wearing some red sunglasses. Next to the picture it says “Red Taylor Swift” after the album Red.

A Taylor Swift pillow is great for any place, your bed, chair, couch or even the car could all use this pillow.

Get your Taylor Swift Pillow

buy Justin Bieber Christmas Stocking

Justin Bieber Christmas Stocking

Justin Bieber Christmas Stocking
You Christmas can’t get much better if you had a Justin Bieber Christmas stocking.

This Stocking is red and has “Justin Bieber” spelled on the top (witch is white) and has a big picture and signature of Justin Bieber on it.

The Justin Bieber Christmas stocking is 16 inch long and has an opening of 6.5 inch so that it can fit some nice presents.

Christmas will be a hit thanks to Justin Bieber.

Don’t wait till Christmas eve come and get your Justin Bieber Christmas Stocking.

buy Justin Bieber Sticker Sheets

Justin Bieber Sticker Sheets

Justin Bieber Sticker Sheet
Do you want Justin Bieber on anything?

If you do then you really need some stickers of Justin.

This sticker set has 4 sheets of 11 stickers each on them and all are Justin Bieber stickers.
Some are hearts with his autograph or his face others are just him in a leather jacket.

I am sure that a real Justin Bieber fan has use for all these amazing stickers.

And because there a plenty of stickers in a pack this will also make a great party favor for your Justin Bieber party.

Decorate lockers, books, doors and basically anything else with these Justin Bieber stickers.

buy Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Poster

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Poster

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Poster
This Lady Gage poster is based on a famous picture of Lady Gaga sitting without a shirt by still wearing leather hot pants and a leather hat. The poster is in black in white giving it the extra vibe to make it a piece of art.

This Lady Gaga poster is 56 x 86 cm and is available as just the poster or as framed piece of art.

If you are looking for an amazing Lady Gaga piece as a gift for a friend or for yourself this poster is not gone disappoint.

Besides the photo of Lady Gaga the poster also says “Lady Gaga The Fame Monster”.

buy Katy Perry Teenage Dream Poster

Katy Perry Teenage Dream Poster

Katy Perry Teenage Dream Poster
Katy Perry fans will love this poser.

The poster is almost the same as the “Teenage Dream” album from Katy.

And so you can see Katy Perry lying in between the clouds and above that the words “Teenage Dream” in a candy cane font. And below in the corner it says “Katy Perry”.

This Katy Perry poster is 86 x 56 cm and comes just as poster but can be framed if wanted.

A spot on your wall loves to be filled with this Katy Perry poster so why don’t you?