buy Abraham Lincoln Photograph Tie

Abraham Lincoln Photograph Tie

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and many think he was one of the best. Show off your support with a cool fashionable tie that is great to dress up and wear for any occasion.

On this tie you will see a classic black and white image of Lincoln’s head and upper torso, find a print of multiple images in a series covering the entire necktie.

This Abraham Lincoln tie is a standard size tie that measures 55 inches in length and at it’s widest point it measures 4 inches. It is made from 100% polyester and has a sleek and shiny smooth finish using vibrant colors to really stand out and look good.

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buy Einstein Necktie

Einstein Necktie

Albert Einstein Necktie

Do you want to look smart when you dress up?

You are in luck as we just found some smarts for you.

This is a necktie with on it one histories amazing scientist Albert Einstein.

So now just wear a suit and put your Einstein necktie on.

The necktie is black a nice picture of Einstein on the end making this tie special and smart.

And no this necktie is not covered in stuff there is just one picture of Albert Einstein and that is it and that makes it perfect for a formal setting of like minded people like you.