buy Nicki Minaj Pink Key Chain

Nicki Minaj Pink Key Chain

If you like Nicki Minaj and key chains then this is what you need.

This key chain has a nice key hook an a square plate with on it an image of Nicki while wearing pink hair and clothes.

Besides great for keys you can of course use this Nicki Minaj key chain as decoration for a backpack or as zipper pull for you jacket that way you can look at Nicki all the time.

It’s just great fun having a famous person like Nicki Minaj on you keychain instead of just a brogan key ring with nothing on it.

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buy Nicki Minaj Beanie Hat

Nicki Minaj Beanie Hat

This beanie hat says “Nicki Minaj” on it and that is perfect for the true fans of her.

You can get this 100% acrylic hat in black and grey and both have in red letters “Nicki Minaj” embroidered on it.

The winter hat is one size fits most and is machine washable so even if it gets a bit dirty your Nicki Minaj hat will be clean as new in no time at all.

So if you want a new beanie to cover your skull the why not go for one that honers Nicki Minaj like this one does.

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buy Nicki Minaj On A Fur Rug T-Shirt

Nicki Minaj On A Fur Rug T-Shirt

Are you a guy that loves that booty of Nicki Minaj?

If you do then you should take a closer look at this white t-shirt.

On the t-shirt you can see the words “Nicki Minaj” in the background and in front of that you can see a picture of Nicki Minaj lying on a fun rug.

And Nicki is wearing a revealing pair of panties so that the booty comes out nicely.

You can get this Nicki Minaj t-shirt in many sizes from Small to XL.

Maybe the ladies can’t appreciate the t-shirt to much but hey your guy friends will.

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