buy Pink Dress Marilyn Monroe Ornament

Pink Dress Marilyn Monroe Ornament

Get ready for the holiday in style all thanks to this Pink Dress Marilyn Monroe Ornament.

Your Christmas tree deserves something special this year and if you like pink then this Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornament is great for in the tree.

The Christmas ornament shows Marilyn Monroe at her best wearing a nice pink gown with a big bow on the back but Marilyn also shows her bare shoulders to make it just typical Marilyn.

A classic celebrity as Marilyn deserves a nice spot in your home and the Christmas tree is just perfect because then she can be part of the holidays and be ready to welcome Santa Claus in your home.

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buy Stephen Hawking Christmas Ornament

Stephen Hawking Christmas Ornament

Now science is ready for Christmas all thanks to this Stephen Hawking Christmas Ornament.

This disc ornament is scatter proof and filled with glitter and has a black image of Stephen Hawking on it.

So having this ornament in your tree will look great all thanks to the silver in your green tree.

Maybe if you just want some extra brains in your home around the holidays then adding Stephen Hawking to your tree will bring some brains as he was one amazing scientist even though he had so many health issues for most of his life.

So forget about Rudolph this year just add some brains to your tree this holiday.

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buy Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Christmas Ornament

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Christmas Ornament

Now your tree can have this special Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Christmas Ornament.

The holiday ornament is all about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and both are dressed up in red and white just like Santa Claus. Elvis is sitting on the edge of a red car while playing guitar while Marilyn is enjoying the music.

The ornament we show you is round with a metal edge and a red string to hang it but if you like a different style then they are available too and you can see them all by clicking on the picture.

A Christmas can now have this nice classic looking ornament.

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buy Elvis Presley White Suit Christmas Ornament

Elvis Presley White Suit Christmas Ornament

This year your Christmas tree can have Elvis Presley in it all thanks to this tree ornament that looks so much like the King.

The ornament shows Elvis while holding a microphone and he is wearing a white suit with blue details and that will make his look stunning around those green tree branches.

So if you like the music of Elvis and are a big fan then an ornament of Elvis Presley is what you really need and then you just have to play some Elvis Christmas music to make this holiday season a success.

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buy Elvis Presley Guitar Shaped Christmas Ornament

Elvis Presley Guitar Shaped Christmas Ornament

This is a very amazing light blue Christmas ornament that features The King Elvis Presley, find a large color image with his hair slicked back and and black leather jacket with a print of his signature. The neck of the guitar has a print of his name leading up to a silhouette image of Elvis standing on stage with his guitar and microphone stand.

Made to be very durable and still really lightweight also with a high quality print of vibrant bright colors, this is a great gift for any Elvis Presley fan or for yourself.

It also comes in a nice window box package just in case you want to collect and display this ornament while keeping it in mint condition.

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