buy Pharrell Happy Bust Women’s T-Shirt

Pharrell Happy Bust Women’s T-Shirt

Pharrell Happy Bust Women's T-Shirt

Pharrell has become a music sensation. His song “Happy” keeps everyone smiling and happy throughout the day. Now you too can spread the happiness with this new t-shirt.

The t-shirt is printed with Pharrell Williams and HAPPY in yellow letters at the bottom of the graphic. At the top of the graphic is what appears to be a plaster bust of Pharrell wearing his favorite hat. He looks a little damaged, but you know inside, he is happy.

The t-shirt is black and comes in sizes XSmall to 2XL. It is a women’s fitted, so it is very flattering and goes well with your favorite blue jeans. You know it is going to be soft and durable when you hear it is 100% cotton. Wear this t-shirt and spread the joy around.

buy Pharrell Williams Poster

Pharrell Williams Poster

Pharrell Williams Poster

This poster has a green checkered background and in front of that you can see a black and white photo of Pharrell.

Now Pharrell Williams is not wearing his famous hat from the music video Happy but just a simple black beanie hat.

This poster is 61 x 91 cm and comes just like that or in one of the many framing options.

Any room can use a great poster and this poster of Pharrell is just great as it just look fun.

With Pharrell’s hands up this poster shows a different kind of pose that you normally would see.