buy Rihanna Loud Shower Curtain

Rihanna Loud Shower Curtain

Now you can have Rihanna in the shower thanks to this Rihanna shower curtain.

The shower curtain is 60 x 72 inches and has 12 enforced eyelets for the shower hooks.

On the shower curtain, you can see the album cover of Loud and that means a red hair Rihanna can be hanging in your shower as her face is what covers the whole shower curtain.

No more plain and boring in your shower all thanks to this special Rihanna shower curtain that just shows a great photo that will liven up your bathroom.

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buy Rihanna Love Me T-Shirt

Rihanna Love Me T-Shirt

If you like Rihanna and would like a t-shirt with her on it then this t-shirt is perfect for you.

On this t-shirt you can find Rihanna standing in front of a wall with wearing a fun denim piece while wearing a red headband. On the wall you can find words like “Love Me” and more.

The t-shirt design covers both the front and the back t-shirt and even the sleeves are part of the design.

You can get this Rihanna Love Me t-shirt in men’s sizes Small – 2XL but it will look great on women’s as well.

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buy Rihanna And Her Finger T-Shirt

Rihanna And Her Finger T-Shirt

This Rihanna t-shirt is for the fans that like to make a statement.

On the shirt you can see Rihanna while holding up a finger to her lips and we all know what that finger means.

You can get this t-shirt of Rihanna in men and women’s styles in many fun colors and sizes ranging from XSmall – 3XL but that depends a little bit in the style you choose.

Sure you should not wear this t-shirt everywhere you go because it may offend some people but just everyday fun this is the shirt to wear and having Rihanna by your side always makes your day better.

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buy Rihanna Dog Tag Photo Necklace

Rihanna Dog Tag Photo Necklace

If you are a Rihanna fan that likes to have their star close then this necklace could be perfect for you.

This is a dog tag style necklace with a 30 inch long ball necklace and on that a dog tag that has an amazing photo of Rihanna on one side.

As you can see above Rihanna is bending over while giving you a nice smile just for you.

Jewelry like this is special because it show you favorite star at her best.

So if you want a fun necklace you can wear any day of the week that has Rihanna on it then I would not look any further as this is the one you want.

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buy Rihanna Flipping The Finger T-Shirt

Rihanna Flipping The Finger T-Shirt

If you like Rihanna’s attitude then you gone love this t-shirt.

This black men’s shirt shows a picture of Rihanna with her hands under her chin but also flipping the finger.

If you like to flip the finger once in a while then maybe this t-shirt can help because Rihanna will do it for you.

This Rihanna t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 2XL.

The shirt really works well because of the dark background and the amazing photo that takes up most of the front. And Rihanna is even wearing a black hat and shirt that blends nearly into the background.

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