buy 2021 Her Majesty The Queen Wall Calendar

2021 Her Majesty The Queen Wall Calendar

Now there is the 2021 Her Majesty The Queen Wall Calendar that will look stunning in your home.

Queen Elizabeth II is the famous Queen of England and now there is a calendar just about her.

The Queen wall calendar is all about her and also shows a bit of history as there are new photo’s of her every month of the year  and there are resent photo’s but also so classic pictures including one of her wedding.

And besides the Queen herself there is also a great calendar grid with plenty of room for notes and it also has all the big holidays already filled out for you.

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buy The Queen Peeking Tote Bag

The Queen Peeking Tote Bag

Now there is this fun looking The Queen Peeking Tote Bag.

If you like the royals and especially Queen Elizabeth II then this bag is what you need.

On the tote bag you can find a fun picture that shows the Queen while she is peeking at what is happening around you.

A tote bag like this is great to take out shopping or maybe to school or work because the Queen really wants to be part of you life.

And you can get this royal bag in different sizes so that you really get the reusable bag you like and I am sure that Elizabeth would love to peek around where ever you go.

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buy Kate Middleton T-Shirt

Kate Middleton T-Shirt

If you like the British royals then you are going to like this Kate Middleton t-shirt.

The t-shirt has black sleeves and back but the rest of the shirt is filled with a nice photo of Kate Middleton.

Kate is smiling and leaning on a gate and just likes happy to be where she is and that is on your t-shirt.

The unisex t-shirt will look great on both men and women and comes in sizes XSmall – 2XL.

So now you can the wife of the future king on your t-shirt and that is an amazing way of showing your love of royalty.

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buy Kate Middleton Cardboard Mask

Kate Middleton Cardboard Mask

Kate Middleton Cardboard Mask

Kate Middleton is so beautiful and the newest of the royalty sweethearts that the world has come to love and recognized in a heart beat. She is a new mom and just seems to keep going with ease and a smile on her face.

This mask is a simple picture of Kate Middleton with a short hair cut and a big smile on her face.

The Kate mask measures approximately 11 inches by 10 inches and will fit an average face. It is made out of cardboard, has an elastic cord to keep the mask on your face and it has cut out eyes for easy sight lines.

What an easy way to turn into someone completely different. You can use it for a last minute costume party or just to become Kate. Either way, get the Kate Middleton Cardboard Mask today.

buy Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll

Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll

Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Doll

She is so beautiful and radiant everyday. She is Princess Kate Middleton. Now you can bring her into your home to add a ray of sunshine to all the cloudy days.

This Kate Middleton doll depicts Kate on her engagement day with Prince William. She is wearing her “royal” blue engagement dress, a wonderful smile and it comes with a second dress that was worn in the official engagement picture.

This is a limited edition collector’s doll that measures approximately 16″ tall. It comes with a doll stand, it is hand numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. It is made of fine porcelain and is hand painted.

There is no better piece of royal history than this Kate Middleton Engagement Doll created by The Ashton-Drake Galleries.

buy Kate Middleton 2015 Wall Calendar

Kate Middleton 2015 Wall Calendar

Kate Middleton 2015 Wall Calendar

The Duchess of Cambridge has impecable style that rival any, she is beautiful, smart and has many followers who just adore her.

If this is you then you may want to take a close look at this 2015 wall calendar.

Featured on the front of this calendar is Kate in a very astonishing floral dress looking amazing, inside you can see high quality images of many famous styles and fashions that Kate Middleton has chosen to wear in the last while, and see her walking with Prince Willliam as well as some fun unique hats she has dawned.

The 2015 calendar has traditional style binding to fasten it together and is a standard wall calendar sizes of: Closed: 12.0″ x 12.0 “, Opened: 12.0 ” x 24.0 “.

Show off your support for the royal family and spend the year 2015 with  them.