buy Albert Einstein Tongue 1000 Piece Puzzle

Albert Einstein Tongue 1000 Piece Puzzle

Albert Einstein Tongue 1000 Piece Puzzle

Albert Einstein is known across the globe for his great scientific mind, but he may be lesser known for his silly side.

This puzzle shows off Albert’s silly side with a great black and white picture. His hair is frazzled, his mustache is a little wild and messy. Last and the best part, he’s sticking out his tongue. Silly Albert!

The puzzle comes in 1000 pieces and when it has been completed it measures 19.25″ x 26.75″.

Whether you glue it together and make a great framed picture, or break it all up and start over again, everyone in your house will enjoy putting this puzzle together.

buy Albert Einstein Curiosity Poster

Albert Einstein Curiosity Poster

Albert Einstein Poster

Albert Einstein is such a widely known scientist and will be forever know for his mass-energy equivalence concept. He is also known for many famous quotes like this one in this poster.

This poster is a black and white poster that features Albert himself with the quote, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. It also includes his signature and the years of his life (1879-1955).

It is sized at 24″ x 35″ and can be framed with different options. It can also be mounted on wood, printed on canvas and be laminated for that added protection.

Add a little inspiration to your life in your living room, work space or even your bedroom for that last thought of the day with this classy poster.

buy Albert Einstein Bobblehead

Albert Einstein Bobblehead

Albert Einstein Bobblehead

Do you have a knack for physics and love collecting Bobbleheads of every size, shape and character? Well you are in luck! It’s the Albert Einstein Bobblehead.

This bobblehead depicts Albert later in his life with a pipe in his hand, his famous mustache, slacks and a sweater. He stands on a round, black base written with “Albert Einstein” on the front in white letters. The box that he comes in is also very decorative and colorful, so you can keep him in there for safe keeping, yet you still have something nice to look at.

This bobblehead made by Royal Bobbles is made from ceramic and stands 10 inches tall.

Add this perfect piece to your collection, or just put it on your desk to increase your IQ levels.