buy Elon Musk Mars Socks

Elon Musk Mars Socks

Cold feet are not fun and that is why you need these Elon Musk Mars Socks.

These Elon Musk socks are great for both men and women and they are made from 56% Polyester, 37% Cotton, 5% Elastic and 2% Spandex.

On the socks you can see 3 images of Elon Musk and in between the picture it says “Mars” because we all know that we want to go to Mars.

Anyone that loves space travel and Elon Musk will like these socks especially if you hate cold feet.

We all need socks and having them plain is ok for some but you can have fun once like these.

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buy Bernie 2020 Socks

Bernie 2020 Socks

Now you can wear these Bernie 2020 Socks and then people that see you socks that Bernie Sanders is your candidate of choice.

These men’s socks will fit sizes 7 -13 and are made from 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester and 5% Spandex.

The socks are dark blue with red toes and heels and a red and white striped top and then on the socks you can find stars on top with the face of Bernie Sanders below it and below that it says “Bernie 2020”.

So if you are going to vote Bernie and want your friends to do to then maybe wearing these socks can bring that message out to people that see you socks.

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buy The Rock Dwayne Johnson Socks

The Rock Dwayne Johnson Socks

The Rock and Dwayne Johnson fans know exactly what these socks are all about.

Dwayne Johnson can do anything, a start in Pro Football then Pro wrestling under the world-renowned name of The Rock and right into movies and comedy WOW.

These socks are based after The Rock featuring his trademark eyebrow raise, sunglasses and ripped body all on this pair of socks.

You can get these Dwayne Johnson The Rock socks in many different sizes including a kids size too. Made to be very durable and high quality with a double-banded Top. Also, find an upper and lower arch compression with double cushioned soles and impact zones to give you maximum comfort.

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buy Einstein Math Socks

Einstein Math Socks

Now you can be even smarter by simply wearing these Einstein Math Socks.

These are women’s knee high socks and they are made from 60% cotton, 38% polyester and 2% spandex.

The socks are black with a purple heel and toes and on the black you can see in white a bunch of math just like you expect to see on Albert Einstein products. On the socks you will also find an image of Albert Einstein himself and he is wearing some cool shades.

So if you like sciences and need some nice long and warm socks then wearing these socks would be just perfect.

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buy Albert Einstein Colored Hair Socks

Albert Einstein Colored Hair Socks

These men’s socks are all about Albert Einstein and his wild hair.

The black socks are covered with the head of Einstein and he has colored hair on these socks that make it looks real interesting and definitely not boring.

These men’s crew socks will fit sizes 6.5 – 13 and are made from a cotton and nylon blend.

Why wear boring plain socks when you can have socks with a bit of color and a world-renowned scientist on it.

And black socks go with anything so just put them on first and then the rest of your wardrobe will look perfect with them.

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buy Mike Tyson Autograph Socks

Mike Tyson Autograph Socks

If you have cold feet and love boxing then these Mike Tyson socks are what you need.

These unisex socks fit size 6 -12 and look great on both men and women.

On the socks, you can see Mike Tyson ready to box and in the background, you can see Brooklyn and below all that it shows his autograph. The same boxing image can be found on the other side only now no autograph but the text “Iron Mike”.

Made from 80% acrylic, 17% polyester, and 3% spandex these socks are comfy, warm and cool.

Show the people around you that you know about boxing by wearing socks with Mike Tyson on it.

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buy Hillary Clinton Crew Socks

Hillary Clinton Crew Socks

Now your feet can have Hillary Clinton on it and that of course is a great way to promote her for the Presidential position.

These crew socks are great for both men and women that like Hillary.

On the socks you can find a light blue background with white stars and on top of that Hillary Clinton and she is wearing something red.

Just imagine wearing these amazing socks, people will love it when they see what you are wearing and with that support Hillary Clinton could become the first female President of the United States Of America.

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buy Donald Trump Crew Socks

Donald Trump Crew Socks

If you have cold feet about Donald Trump then that can be a thing from the past when you wear these Donald Trump socks.

These socks are great for men and women but of course you need to want Trump to be come the President of the United States Of America.

The socks are red and have white stars and on the front you can see Donald Trump wearing a suit and his perfect hair.

You can enjoy these socks as one size fits most.

Just imagine wearing Donald Trump to the office or with shorts to the park, they are just great fun.

Get your Donald Trump Crew Socks

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buy Miley Cyrus Socks

Miley Cyrus Socks

Miley Cyrus Socks

Why wear plain socks when you can have Miley Cyrus on your feet?

These socks maybe a little bit strange but strange is good specially if you like Miley Cyrus.

Made from 100% cotton these white socks show a picture of Miley sticking her tongue out while holding her glasses and this picture is not just printed on one sock no it’s partly printed on each of the socks so you can put Miley Cyrus together by simply putting you feet next to each other.

Now you can have Miley Cyrus with you all day long and she doesn’t even mind sweaty feet.