buy Joe Biden Toilet Paper

Joe Biden Toilet Paper

Now you can go to the toilet again all thanks to this Joe Biden Toilet Paper.

If you are a big fan of Joe Biden or just hate him this toilet paper is what you need because now the face of Joe can be wiping your butt.

This is just like normal toilet paper only this has a photo of Joe Biden printed on the sheets.

So now you can thank Biden for you having toilet paper and maybe you should think about who you are going to vote for because if he has you covered in the washroom maybe he would be a good president.

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buy Justin Bieber Toilet Paper

Justin Bieber Toilet Paper

Now you can have Justin Bieber toilet paper and that is great fun for fans and people that don’t like him at all.

On this roll of toilet paper, you can see a picture of Justin Bieber when he was arrested so yes a true mug shot of toilet paper. And Justin has a big smile so that probably means he does not know what he is going to be used for.

Justin Bieber toilet paper makes for a fun gift and I am sure it will get lots of laughs.

And if you want to give a useful gift than toilet paper is what is perfect.

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buy Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Are your political views a little more serious than some know it all rich guy that wears a bad wig? Do you stand for your country and don’t want to see Donald Trump run it?

Well this is the perfect item for you, it can also be a very funny gag gift too. This is a roll of toilet paper that has the upper torso of Donald Trump complete with his facial features and of course do not forget the comb over haircut.

Along with the image of Donald Trump each sheet of toilet paper also has a saying like “DUMP THE TRUMP!” and “WE SHALL OVERCOMB!”, what a great way to show you are¬†anti-Trump.

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buy Barak Obama Toilet Paper

Barak Obama Toilet Paper

Barak Obama Toilet Paper

Even the president of the United States of America can have his face on a roll of toilet paper. Barak Obama probably never thought he would find his picture in an average American’s bathroom, but now you can! This toilet paper can make a great gag gift or a great gift for any Obama fan.

Each square of toilet paper features a black and white picture of Barak Obama. It is a nice portrait style of Obama wearing a suit with a nice tie and a big smile on his face.

This toilet paper is a 2-ply roll printed with a black and white image that will not smudge when you try to wipe up your mess or messes.

Don’t forget to wipe properly or Obama will get you.

buy Hillary Clinton 2-Ply Toilet Paper

Hillary Clinton 2-Ply Toilet Paper

Hillary Clinton 2-Ply Toilet Paper

It could be considered a prank, but it is just too funny not to buy for the politician in your life. Hillary has taken a lot of heat from both the political world, and in her personal life, but she just never quits. Neither will this roll of Hillary Clinton toilet paper.

The smiling head shot of Hillary Clinton has no idea what she is in for. Her smiling face re-occurs on each sheet of toilet paper until the end of the roll. The image is printed in black and white.

This roll of political toilet paper is a roll of 2-Ply, which may not be strong enough for what you are looking for. It will still do the job that it is intended for, and I’m sure Hillary would be ok with that.