buy LEGO Donald Trump Minifigure

LEGO Donald Trump Minifigure

Now President Trump can be part of your LEGO sets because this is the LEGO Donald Trump minifigure.

The LEGO figurine is the typical minifigure like you get with your LEGO sets only this one is President Donald Trump in his famous dark blue suit and with his wavy hair and sure this hair is fake but maybe the real President still has his own hair.

The LEGO action figure of Donald Trump comes in nice packaging so that you can give it as a present to a fan of the President.

Help Donald Trump make LEGO great again by adding this figure to your LEGO sets.

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buy Barack Obama Action Figure

Barack Obama Action Figure

Barack Obama has changed history with his presidential win. Now you can have a piece of history with the Barack Obama action figure.

The Obama action figure features a sharply dressed president in a grey suit with a blue tie. With very intricate facial features there is no mistake that this is Barack Obama.

Standing 6 inches tall this action figure features 8 points of articulation. So now you can pose Barack in many different ways.

Attention collectors! The Barack Obama action figure comes in a window box package so you can keep it in mint condition. The package is decorated in the art work from the Obama “Hope” campaign.

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buy Hillary Clinton Action Figure

Hillary Clinton Action Figure

If you are a big fan of Hillary Clinton then this action figure is made for you as now you can have Hillary get ready to work for you.

This action figure of Hillary is 6 inch tall and has 8 points of articulation.

Just make Hillary Clinton stand on you desk looking at you and approve of you work while smiling and being the way she is in her pants suit.

This Hillary Clinton ready for action figure is just fun for any one who like politics and specially supporters of Hillary and people who don’t support Hillary can maybe use her action figure for other things not so nice.

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buy Albert Einstein Little Thinker Doll

Albert Einstein Little Thinker Doll

Instead of a plush bear why not get your child a plush Albert Einstein that way they are ready to conquer the world.

This 11 inch tall plush doll of Einstein is part of the Thinker Doll series and just a great way to add a famous scientist to your home.

A plush doll like this is great for young or old as it will just be amazing to have a little Einstein sitting in your home or office.

Albert Einstein is wearing black pants and a blue sweater and has his famous messed up hair just a great reminder of a great thinker.

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buy Barack Obama Finger Puppet

Barack Obama Finger Puppet

Barack Obama Finger Puppet

Have you ever wanted to give Obama the finger? Oh wait that came out wrong, I meant have you ever wanted to have control of the United States Of America with one finger!

This is a finger puppet that will allow you to be Barack Obama, the finger puppet features a bust of Obama with a blue suit jacket, white collar under shirt and a red tie, yes red, white and blue. With arms and a head with facial features detailed enough you know it is the 44th President of the USA.

The Barack Obama finger puppet stands about 4 inches tall and is made to be durable, it is plush and will be a great gag gift, story gift or just for the Obama fan.