buy Charlie Chaplin Peeking Wall Decal

Charlie Chaplin Peeking Wall Decal

Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin will be your new companion in home decor with this amazing Charlie Chaplin Peeking Wall Decal.

This wall decal is that of Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp. He is wearing his nice suit, with his tie. He has a bowling hat on with some hair coming out of each side under the hat. Don’t forget that signature mustache. Classic Chaplin. He is quietly sneaking and peeking from behind the corner of the wall.

This wall decal is simple and quick to install and easy to clean as well. It can be added to any type of flat surface like wallpaper, windows, tiles and walls. It measures approximately 23.5 inches by 72.5 inches, so it is a nice size to make an impression.

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buy George Strait Giant Wall Mural

George Strait Giant Wall Mural

George Strait Giant Wall Mural

Do you want front row seating to a George Strait concert all of the time?

Here is the answer, check out this giant wall mural that features a very high quality print of the country music legend George Strait. The image features Mr. Strait in a fancy collared long sleeve shirt with a black cowboy hat on and his famous acoustic guitar straped to him, notice the microphone on the stand is there and this looks juat like you are front row and center for this awesome country music star.

This wall mural is made to be high quality and measures 8 feet x 12 feet with an easy to apply method and can easily be removed and re used without leaving any sticky residue.

buy Elvis The King Wall Decal

Elvis The King Wall Decal

Now you home can have Elvis Presley on the walls.

This wall decal set includes many nice Elvis related decals like his autograph, guitar and some silhouettes and then there is a big Elvis wearing his famous white costume and holding a microphone.

Your walls will look amazing when you are done decorating them with this Elvis wall decal set.

And these decals can be removed without leaving residue so that you can even dress up that rental place you stay in.

If your home already has so many Elvis collectibles then this wall decoration is easy as it doesn’t take up any space.


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buy Avril Lavigne Wall Decal

Avril Lavigne Wall Decal

Avril Lavigne Wall Decal

If you have some wall space that can use something nice on it then how about a Avril Lavigne wall decal?

This wall decal shows a black picture of Avril and the rest of the picture will be the color of your wall. The decal of Avril Lavigne is 110 x 232 cm making it HUGE and that of course is amazing on a big wall.

Just imagine how amazing your home will look when you have a bit picture of Avril Lavigne on your wall. This is something you don’t often see so I would not wait long and check this out today.

buy Bruce Lee Wall Decal Set

Bruce Lee Wall Decal Set

The martial arts king, the red dragon, the list goes on for nicknames of the awesome Bruce Lee.

Changing martial arts movies for ever Bruce Lee is an icon, this is a set of wall decals that feature one large size decal of Bruce Lee in a power stance along with 10 other smaller decals like a yin and yang, a black suited karate kick Bruce Lee, a red dragon Bruce Lee and more.

Made to be very easy to put on with a simple peel and stick method, when it is time to take them down they will not leave a sticky residue mess.

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buy Ben Roethlisberger Wall Decals

Ben Roethlisberger Wall Decals

Do you bleed black and yellow? Do you have a man’s den that needs the final touch? Look no further for the perfect compliment to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan’s blank wall.

You get 10 decals all for one price. One “Big” Ben Roethlisburger in his home jersey motioning to strike for the touchdown pass. It also includes two Steelers logos, a helmet, a Roethlisberger name plate, a pennant and more.

The size of Big Ben is 3 feet 3 inches wide by 6 feet 8 inches tall – talk about life size! The wall decals won’t damage your walls, can be easily reused in case you move and is more durable than the average decal.

So show your support for your NFL team of choice and share in the tradition since 1933 of the blue collared franchise. GO STEELERS GO!

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