buy Colonel Sanders Pop! Figurine

Colonel Sanders Pop! Figurine

If you like fried chicken then check out this Colonel Sanders Pop! Figurine as he is the man behind the KFC fried chicken.

This is a Funko Pop! vinyl and they come in nice boxes so that the figure can stay inside it if you like while you can still admire it.

The figure of Colonel Harland David Sanders looks awesome in his famous white suite and even his white hair and yes he is holding a big bucket of KFC fried chicken that has his face on it too.

Colonel Sanders is such an icon that he deserves a special spot in your home.

Get your Colonel Sanders Pop! Figurine

buy 2022 President Joe Biden Wall Calendar

2022 President Joe Biden Wall Calendar

Make room in your home for this 2022 President Joe Biden Wall Calendar.

We all deserve a wall calendar and as it is great for a whole year and it changes every month and that is fun.

And if Joe Biden is your President then give him a spot on your wall an he will be there ready to look at what you are doing.

Besides a new picture of The President of the United States Of America every month there is also a great calendar grid so that you can keep track of important dates including birthdays of your friends.

Home, the office or anywhere else this 2022 calendar is great to have on a wall.

Get your 2022 President Joe Biden Wall Calendar

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buy Purple Hair Dua Lipa Poster

Purple Hair Dua Lipa Poster

Go and make room on a wall because this Purple Hair Dua Lipa Poster needs a spot.

You can get this poster of Dua Lipa in a bunch of sizes so that there is the perfect one available for you and you can even get it framed if you like.

As you can see the poster has a light blue background that shows Dua Lipa with some straight hair that is purple in color and then you can see a lot of skin and a black vinyl outfit which really makes you wonder how it looks as you only see a little piece. All in all this poster is really neat for a fan of Dua Lipa.

Get your Purple Hair Dua Lipa Poster

buy Taylor Swift And Red Guitar Poster

Taylor Swift And Red Guitar Poster

If you have a nice empty wall then you have to check out this Taylor Swift And Red Guitar Poster.

This is not just a normal Taylor Swift poster, this is a canvas print that comes in a 16×24 inch an a 20×28 inch version so a nice size for on a wall in your home.

The poster looks like a painting of Taylor Swift while she is enjoying herself playing her red guitar. The poster really makes you feel like you are looking into the world of Taylor Swift.

A print like this is great for yourself or as an amazing present for a Taylor Swift fan.

Get your Taylor Swift And Red Guitar Poster

buy Will Smith Fresh Prince T-Shirt

Will Smith Fresh Prince T-Shirt

Come and get your Will Smith Fresh Prince T-Shirt.

If you like Will Smith in his classic character as the Fresh Prince then this is the shirt you want.

On the t-shirt it starts on the top with the name “Will Smith and then below that you can see a square with pictures of the Fresh Prince in it. It is a fun design just made for people that are excited about Will and what he does.

You can get this fun Will Smith t-shirt in styles for both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 5XL and is available in many different colors.

Get your Will Smith Fresh Prince T-Shirt

buy Olivia Rodrigo And Butterfly T-Shirt

Olivia Rodrigo And Butterfly T-Shirt

Fans can now get this fun Olivia Rodrigo And Butterfly T-Shirt that is great on both men and women.

You can get this Olivia Rodrigo in sizes Small – 5XL and it is available in many colors and you can even choose to have the design on the back of the shirt if you like a plain front.

On this t-shirt you can find a nice picture of Olivia Rodrigo wearing pajama’s with the top open which shows her bra and then on the shoulder of Olivia you can see a big butterfly.

If you want an Olivia Rodrigo t-shirt then this could be a great shirt for you.

Get your Olivia Rodrigo And Butterfly T-Shirt

buy The Cobain T-Shirt

The Cobain T-Shirt

Come and get your The Cobain T-Shirt as it is the perfect t-shirt for fan of Kurt Cobain and maybe Nirvana.

This Kurt Cobain t-shirt is black and comes in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they are all made from 100% cotton.

On the t-shirt you can see the face of Kurt and there seems to be a kind of orange smokey background and the background also has his last name on it which is Cobain of course.

It is a great looking design with the orange yellow colors on the black shirt really make Kurt Cobain stand out nicely.

Get your The Cobain T-Shirt

buy Dwayne Johnson Shower Curtain

Dwayne Johnson Shower Curtain

This Dwayne Johnson Shower Curtain is just a great way to have The Rock in your home.

We all know that Dwayne The Rock Johnson has those giant muscles and is just a great looking guy. And this great looking man can be on your shower curtain.

This shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches and has 12 stitched holes for the shower hooks (not included) and then on the shower curtain it shows big picture of The Rock and he seems to be looking over you while you are in the bathroom.

You can machine wash the shower curtain but I would use a lining on the shower side so that you keep your muscled man in great shape.

Get your Dwayne Johnson Shower Curtain

buy Elon Musk Mars Socks

Elon Musk Mars Socks

Cold feet are not fun and that is why you need these Elon Musk Mars Socks.

These Elon Musk socks are great for both men and women and they are made from 56% Polyester, 37% Cotton, 5% Elastic and 2% Spandex.

On the socks you can see 3 images of Elon Musk and in between the picture it says “Mars” because we all know that we want to go to Mars.

Anyone that loves space travel and Elon Musk will like these socks especially if you hate cold feet.

We all need socks and having them plain is ok for some but you can have fun once like these.

Get your Elon Musk Mars Socks

buy Miley Cyrus Prayer Candle

Miley Cyrus Prayer Candle

Now there is this really dope Miley Cyrus Prayer Candle that is something only a true fan can really appreciate.

Miley is different and this candle is different too and that makes it such a perfect piece of fan merchandise.

This is a prayer candle and it is 8 inches high and on it you can see Miley Cyrus all dress almost like a goddess and she is holding a drink and there is even a cross above her.

If you like to pray to the goddess named Miley Cyrus then his is you opportunity but for most this is just a cool thing to have so check it out.

Get your Miley Cyrus Prayer Candle