buy Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder

Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder

Now you can get a Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder that can hold all your papers.

This binder is made by Avery and the binder has 3 rings and comes in different sizes and you can pick the inside color too.

But it is all about the outside as there you can see a nice black and white photo of Marilyn with curly hair and a big smile on her face.

Now you can take Marilyn Monroe to the office or school and it can keep your work neatly organized and then there is home as there this binder is great too as it can hold so many loose papers you have lying around.

Get your Smiling Marilyn Monroe Binder

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buy Austin Mahone 3 Ring Binder

Austin Mahone 3 Ring Binder

Austin Mahone 3 Ring Binder

American pop singer and song writer Austin Mahone began his career on Youtube. Now he is signed to a label and is willing to carry around your most important work and memos in a 3 ring binder featuring a graphic of his cute face on the front.

This binder has a picture of Austin Mahone on the front with his name. He is wearing a blue and red tank top and a black beanie. The background is black, grey and white smoke. On the inside there is a treat of Austin his signature.

The 3 ring binder measures 11.5″ x 10.5″ and has a 1″ capacity, perfect for all your home work.

Have Austin in your life permanently everyday to help make your life easier.