buy Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

Now you can take a nap under this Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket.

If you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe then you can really enjoy this in your home as it looks pretty nice.

The throw blanket is red and on it you can see a nice picture of Marilyn complete with yellow hair and a great look.

This blanket is available in 3 sizes and is made from 100% polyester fleece. A nice blanket like this is great for in the home but also great for a picnic in the park or as blanket for in the car for a road trip.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Mugshot Blanket

Marilyn Monroe Mugshot Blanket

If you like to cuddle with Marilyn Monroe then you just need this super soft Marilyn Monroe mugshot blanket.

The blanket shows a picture of Marilyn not at her best as it is a mugshot from the Los Angeles Police Department. The black and white image makes this a really unique and special piece that your home deserves.

You can get this Marilyn Monroe throw blanket in different sizes from 51 x 60 inches as the smallest all the way up to an 88 x 104 inches. And the blanket is made from 100% polyester and sherpa fleece making it a supersoft blanket that is great for cuddling and staying warm while watching TV.

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buy Jimi Hendrix Smoking Fleece Blanket

Jimi Hendrix Smoking Fleece Blanket

This Jimi Hendrix blanket is what you need to keep you warm while watching TV or try to sleep.

On the fleece blanket you can see Jimi Hendrix smoking while standing on stage with his guitar and he really seem to enjoy it.

The fleece blanket of Jimi is 60 x 46 inch witch makes it the perfect size for in your home or maybe for in the car on a road trip.

And yes you can even take this Jimi Hendrix blanket to the park for a fun picnic with friends.

No need for a boring blanket any more because this blanket is fun and perfect for you.

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buy Elvis Presley Photo Blanket

Elvis Presley Photo Blanket

This fleece blanket will keep you warm and keeps you enjoying amazing pictures of Elvis Presley.

This blanket shows black and white photo’s of the King of rock and roll witch makes it fun to look at and a great way to stay warm.

At 58 x 80 inch this Elvis blanket is the perfect size for the couch, chair, bed or even for a road trip.

Now you seen this blanket you of course know that this is the perfect gift for yourself or a true fan of Elvis.

I would say if you are cold then why not let Elvis Presley keep you warm.

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buy Artistic Einstein Fleece Blanket

Artistic Einstein Fleece Blanket

Fleece Artistic Einstein Blanket

Albert Einstein may have been one of the greatest minds in the history of humanity. But who would have thought he would look this good on a fleece blanket.

A portrait of Albert Einstein is the graphic on the blanket. It is a Stephen Fishwick drawing and there are a few equations, could these be the equations of warmth and snuggliness?

The fleece blanket measures 45 inches by 65 inches, which is plenty of room to get wrapped up in. It is made of 100% polyester and has black binding all the way around to keep the frayed edges away.

Be smart like Einstein and get wrapped up in this fleece blanket today.

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