buy Justin Bieber Wall Clock

Justin Bieber Wall Clock

No time to waste because now there is the Justin Bieber Wall Clock.

Wall clocks may not be so cool anymore but if you are a fan and collector of Justin Bieber stuff then this wall clock is one to have.

The clock has a clock face that shows a nice picture of Justin Bieber on it while wearing a blue cap and navy shirt and all that looks really nice.

You can get this clock with black edge and hands but it also comes in a bamboo and white version to make it fit perfect with your home.

It just needs a AA battery (not included) and then it will ready to keep time for you.

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buy Gandhi Wall Clock

Gandhi Wall Clock

Now you can have this Gandhi Wall Clock in your home or office.

This Mahatma Gandhi clock is available in natural bamboo, black, or white and you can even choose the color of the hand of the clock all to make this the just perfect clock for you.

On the clock face you can see a red background with on top a big portrait of Gandhi and he has he typical expression and his round glasses.

The Gandhi clock runs on a AA battery and unfortunately it is not included with the wall clock.

Now you always will be aware of time all thanks to this wall clock.

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buy John Wayne Wall Clock

John Wayne Wall Clock

Cowboy time can be found on this John Wayne Wall Clock that will look great in your home.

The wall clock is round and runs on one AA battery (not included) and come in a wood, black, and white color frame and you can pick the color of the hands of the clock too.

On the clock face, you can see a nice portrait of John Wayne complete with his cowboy hat on.

It is a great looking clock that will look nice on the wall of your home or maybe your rustic cabin in the woods.

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buy Pink JoJo Siwa Watch

Pink JoJo Siwa Watch

If you child loves JoJo Siwa and needs to know the time then you should get them this fun pink JoJo Siwa watch.

The pink wrist watch has a band that is covered in hearts and bows and then there is the watch face that has an image of JoJo on it but no arms or the time until you press the watch then you will see a digital time show up.

Kids will love a cute and fun wrist watch like this and maybe it will help them get home on time or to learn what time it is.

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buy Pink Hat Lady Gaga Wall Clock

Pink Hat Lady Gaga Wall Clock

If you like to know if it is Lady Gaga time then you just need to get this pink hat Lady Gaga wall clock.

The wall clock comes in 3 colors wood, white, and black and the hands come in white and black so that you can make this Gaga clock will fit perfectly in your home.

The clock face is light blue and on the edge you can see Lady Gaga looking at the time while wearing a pink hat.

If you are a true Lady Gaga fan then you know that it is the album art from the Joanne album.

So no longer do you have to grab your phone to see what time it is because Lady Gaga is here to help you figure out what time it is.

Get your Pink Hat Lady Gaga Wall Clock

buy Pop Art Taylor Swift Wall Clock

Pop Art Taylor Swift Wall Clock

Now there is a pop art Taylor Swift wall clock that is just perfect for on a wall in your home so that you always know what time it is.

The wall clock is available with a black, white, or wood edge and on the clock, you can see a portrait of Taylor Swift in a pop art style.

The Taylor Swift clock has a 10-inch diameter and runs on 1 AA battery (not included). And the wall clock has 3 hands so that you can even count the seconds while watching the face of Taylor.

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buy Micheal Jackson Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Micheal Jackson Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Now you can have a Micheal Jackson vinyl record wall clock witch of course is perfect as Jackson was a recording artist.

The wall clock shows Micheal Jackson in different dance poses and in the centre you find the clock and above all that in big letters “MJ” as the initials of Micheal Jackson.

A wall clock like this is special and something you will not see very often and that mean that if you are a real collector of stuff about Micheal then I would not wait to long as this clock maybe gone before you know it.

Now is the time to get the clock that makes you want to dance and all that is because of Micheal Jackson of course.

Get your Micheal Jackson Vinyl Record Wall Clock

buy Elvis Presley Guitar Wall Clock

Elvis Presley Guitar Wall Clock

Elvis Presley, The King, a music legend that has inspired many now has another awesome nickname of “King For All Time” which is fitting to mix Elvis with a wall clock.

This wall clock is shaped to look like the famous acoustic guitar that Elvis Presley would use on stage for the “Viva Las Vegas” comeback tour. Find an image of a young Elvis with a print of his signature and a guitar neck fret board that is black and detailed with a pearly “Elvis Presley” printed and find the center sound hole as the wall clock with hour and minute hands.

The guitar wall clock has a very high gloss finish and includes a hanging device, it measures 32 inches long x 12.5 inches wide and will only stick out from the wall 2.75 inches.

Get your Elvis Presley Guitar Wall Clock

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buy Charlie Chaplin Riding Gears Watch

Charlie Chaplin Riding Gears Watch

Charlie Chaplin is a timeless name so why not decorate your watch face with the fun and charasmatic Chaplin having some fun like he is best known for.

The watch face features set of gears with one big center gear that moves while Charlie Chaplin rides around it holding wrenches in hand and passes one full circle every minute. It is black and grey giving this watch a retro look while the hour and minute hands are bright vibrant red and stand out.

This watch is crafted to be durable and looks amazing with a stainless steel watch face frame and a very nice black leather strap, it uses the trusted and accurate Quartz movement.

Get your Charlie Chaplin Riding Gears Watch

buy Johnny Depp Face Sketch Round Wall Clock

Johnny Depp Face Sketch Round Wall Clock

On this round wall clock face you will see a unique sketch image of Johnny Depp, using black, white and red accents this is like no other Johnny Depp piece of art and is perfect for the Depp fan.

This round wall clock measures 10 inches in diameter and is 1.75 inches deep, you get to choose from three different border colors of natural wood, black and white and has a hook on the back making it very easy to hang.

The artwork on each clock is a very high quality print and is protected with a high impact plexiglass crystal face, this is a great added accent for any room.

Get your Johnny Depp Face Sketch Round Wall Clock