buy Elon Musk Notebook

Elon Musk Notebook

Now there is this Elon Musk Notebook that is perfect for your idea journal or any other notebook.

This notebook is a spiral notebook that comes in two version as there is a ruled and a graph paper version.

And then on the front of the notebook you can find a nice image of Elon Musk in a dark suit with his arms folded.

You can use this notebook for almost all you notes and maybe seeing Elon on the front will motivate you to change the world because he showed that anyone can make a huge difference.

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buy Dua Lipa In Yellow Notebook

Dua Lipa In Yellow Notebook

Now you can get this Dua Lipa In Yellow Notebook that looks great and works as a notebook at home, school, or at work.

The spiral notebook has a nice picture of Dua Lipa on it an a sexy yellow outfit.

So if you want to take Dua Lipa to work or school and hold your important notes then this is the notebook is what you want.

You can get this Dua Lipa notebook in lined or graph paper and it holds 120 pages.

I am sure that Dua Lipa fans like you can appreciate a cool notebook with her picture on the front.

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buy Jimi Hendrix Notebook

Jimi Hendrix Notebook

If you like your music and need something to write in then come check out this Jimi Hendrix notebook.

The Jimi Hendrix notebook comes in a lined and a blank version making it perfect for so many of your writing jobs.

The notebook is 6 x 8 inches and has 52 pages.

On the outside of the notebook you can see a special image of Jimi Hendrix and that images takes up the front and the back and has a purple glow which really look special.

Maybe you want to write your own songs and doing so in this notebook would be a great way to get extra motivation.

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buy Jackson Wang Notebook

Jackson Wang Notebook

Now there is a Jackson Wang notebook that you just need for school or the office.

The spiral notebook is available in graph and lined paper and it holds 120 pages and the notebook is 8 x 6 inches making it just the perfect size for school work or office notes but it would also works perfect as your personal journal when you write you dreams about Jackson in.

On the front of the notebook is shows a nice black and white phote of Jackson and on top of it in white you find his Wang autograph.

So Jackson Wang fans come and get your own notebook as it is amazing.

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buy Kate Upton Bikini Notebook

Kate Upton Bikini Notebook

Back to school or the office needs a cool notebook and that is why you want this Kate Upton bikini notebook.

The cover of this notebook is blue with on it an image of Kate Upton in a bikini while sitting in a funny shape that shows the beach.

So now you can have your own sexy girl to take to school and work and sure you will get attention from other people that like supermodels.

The Kate Upton notebook is 6 x 8 inches and comes in a lined or blank version and inside you will find 52 pages of heavy weight paper.

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buy Portrait Of Gandhi Notebook

Portrait Of Gandhi Notebook

Mahatma Gandhi wants peace for you and that is why the Gandhi notebook is perfect because then every time you want to use it you get reminded about peace.

The notebook is available in a lined and blank version and each version has 52 high-quality paper pages inside it.

Back to school or the office, this notebook is just perfect for all your notes, homework, journal, and much more.

And when used in public like at school then people maybe a bit more peaceful to when they see you use this Gandi notebook.

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buy Miley Cyrus Ripped Jeans Notebook

Miley Cyrus Ripped Jeans Notebook

Now there is a spiral notebook with Miley Cyrus on the front and that is perfect for school, work and at home.

The notebook has a white front cover with on it a photo of Miley Cyrus and she is wearing a black crop top and torn jeans. As the cover beside the image is white Miley really seems to be focussing on you and that makes it extra special.

Inside the spiral notebook, you will find 120 pages and you can pick between ruled or graph paper so that it is the notebook you need for your task.

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buy Screaming Taylor Swift Spiral Notebook

Screaming Taylor Swift Spiral Notebook

This Taylor Swift notebook show the famous singer with her hands in her hair and screaming loudly.

Yes we all have that feeling sometimes, especially when you got too much homework to do.

Now you can have this spiral notebook with Taylor on the front.

Inside the Taylor Swift notebook, you will find 120 pages you can fill and you can pick lined or graph paper so that you have the perfect paper for your needs.

Back to school or back to the office this notebook is what you need as it shows a state we all reach sometimes and then it is nice to see that Taylor Swift has those moments too.

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buy Neil deGrasse Tyson Spiral Notebook

Neil deGrasse Tyson Spiral Notebook

If you are a true science geek in need of a cool notebook then this one with Neil deGrasse Tyson on it is what you need.

The spiral bound notebook offers 120 pages to write on and you can choose between lined or graph paper and on the front of the notebook, you will find Neil deGrasse Tyson.

And as you can see on the picture Niel is holding his hands wide open while having a strange expression on his face and yes on his tie you will find space.

A notebook of Neil deGrasse Tyson is special and that makes you special when you use it at school, work or at home.

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buy Prince Spiral Notebook

Prince Spiral Notebook

Now you can have a spiral notebook with Prince on it and that of course is great for the true fans of this amazing musician.

The notebook is 6 x 8 inch and has 120 pages inside and you can choose to have the pages lined or as graph paper.

Now you can take prince to work, school or just use him at home.

The notebook shows a colorful background that looks like random paints put together and on top of that you find the face of Prince in black and all that together makes for a great looking item for journaling, homework or just some random notes.

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