buy Kate Upton Bikini Notebook

Kate Upton Bikini Notebook

Back to school or the office needs a cool notebook and that is why you want this Kate Upton bikini notebook.

The cover of this notebook is blue with on it an image of Kate Upton in a bikini while sitting in a funny shape that shows the beach.

So now you can have your own sexy girl to take to school and work and sure you will get attention from other people that like supermodels.

The Kate Upton notebook is 6 x 8 inches and comes in a lined or blank version and inside you will find 52 pages of heavy weight paper.

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buy Kate Upton In Bikini Mousepad

Kate Upton In Bikini Mousepad

Working at the computer all day at work is kinda boring but this Kate Upton in bikini mousepad will make working a lot more bearable.

On the mousepad, you can see kate Upton in a soft pink bikini with the see and trees in the background and she looks like she wants you to come join her on the beach instead of working in the office.

The Kate Upton mousepad is .25 inches thick and has a nonslip back and is even machine washable if you accidentally spilled coffee on it.

So dress up your desk with a sexy bikini babe on a mousepad.

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buy Kate Upton Eating Ice Cream In A Bikini T-Shirt

Kate Upton Eating Ice Cream In A Bikini T-Shirt

Now you can have a Kater Upton t-shirt and on the t-shirt, you can see her eating an ice cream.

This white t-shirt comes in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

On the t-shirt, you can see Kate Upton in a nice bikini and she is eating a color full ice cream and all that just look really sexy and that makes this just the perfect t-shirt for you to own.

A t-shirt like this just make it feel a bit more like summer and everyone love the beach on a hot summer day and Kate Upton is no exception.

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