buy Kendall Jenner Tote Bag

Kendall Jenner Tote Bag

Now there is this Kendall Jenner Tote Bag that is just amazing looking and great at replacing plastic bags.

Kendall Jenner is an amazing looking girl we all know from the Kardashian and definitely my favorite.

And now there is this tote bag with on both the front and back the same black and white portrait of Kendall and she is looking in the world you live in.

You can get this tote bag in a bunch of sizes and all have a strong black carry strap. So now you can go shopping with Kendall or use her to hold your library books or maybe your gym clothes this tote bag is just great at holding stuff and a great replacement of single use plastic bags.

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buy Kate Moss Fingers On Face Postcard

Kate Moss Fingers On Face Postcard

Now there is this Kate Moss Fingers On Face Postcard that will look great if you send it in the mail or if you frame it and hang it on the wall.

The card shows a black and white photo of Kate Moss in her younger year and it is just her face with fingers in front of her right eye. It is an really nice photo that is great to send to friend the classic way through the mail but you can also find a nice frame for it and you can just hang it on the wall.

If want a nice picture of a supermodel then this Kate Moss postcard is what you want.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Mugshot Blanket

Marilyn Monroe Mugshot Blanket

If you like to cuddle with Marilyn Monroe then you just need this super soft Marilyn Monroe mugshot blanket.

The blanket shows a picture of Marilyn not at her best as it is a mugshot from the Los Angeles Police Department. The black and white image makes this a really unique and special piece that your home deserves.

You can get this Marilyn Monroe throw blanket in different sizes from 51 x 60 inches as the smallest all the way up to an 88 x 104 inches. And the blanket is made from 100% polyester and sherpa fleece making it a supersoft blanket that is great for cuddling and staying warm while watching TV.

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buy Kate Upton Bikini Notebook

Kate Upton Bikini Notebook

Back to school or the office needs a cool notebook and that is why you want this Kate Upton bikini notebook.

The cover of this notebook is blue with on it an image of Kate Upton in a bikini while sitting in a funny shape that shows the beach.

So now you can have your own sexy girl to take to school and work and sure you will get attention from other people that like supermodels.

The Kate Upton notebook is 6 x 8 inches and comes in a lined or blank version and inside you will find 52 pages of heavy weight paper.

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buy 2018 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar

2018 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar

2018 can be the year you have really nice wall calendar because this is the Marilyn Monroe wall calendar.

The 2018 Marilyn Monroe calendar will add some classic beauty to your wall and you can enjoy amazing images all over 2018.

The wall calendar shows amazing looking photos many are black and white with some color details which really add some nice details to the photo.

On the calendar grid, you will find plenty of space for important things you want to add but it already has all the major holidays on there so that you never have to figure out when you have a day off.

Get your 2018 Marilyn Monroe Wall Calendar

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buy Kate Upton In Bikini Mousepad

Kate Upton In Bikini Mousepad

Working at the computer all day at work is kinda boring but this Kate Upton in bikini mousepad will make working a lot more bearable.

On the mousepad, you can see kate Upton in a soft pink bikini with the see and trees in the background and she looks like she wants you to come join her on the beach instead of working in the office.

The Kate Upton mousepad is .25 inches thick and has a nonslip back and is even machine washable if you accidentally spilled coffee on it.

So dress up your desk with a sexy bikini babe on a mousepad.

Get your Kate Upton In Bikini Mousepad

buy Kate Upton Eating Ice Cream In A Bikini T-Shirt

Kate Upton Eating Ice Cream In A Bikini T-Shirt

Now you can have a Kater Upton t-shirt and on the t-shirt, you can see her eating an ice cream.

This white t-shirt comes in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

On the t-shirt, you can see Kate Upton in a nice bikini and she is eating a color full ice cream and all that just look really sexy and that makes this just the perfect t-shirt for you to own.

A t-shirt like this just make it feel a bit more like summer and everyone love the beach on a hot summer day and Kate Upton is no exception.

Get your Kate Upton Eating Ice Cream In A Bikini T-Shirt

buy Naomi Campbell Supermodel T-Shirt

Naomi Campbell Supermodel T-Shirt

This white women’s t-shirt is all about a supermodel.

On the front of this t-shirt you can see a black and white picture of Naomi Campbell and she is doing one of her poses. Across the image of Naomi you find a red banner with in white letters the word “Supermodel” on it so that everyone know what you have on your shirt.

You can get this Naomi Campbell t-shirt in women’s sizes XSmall – XL and it is a raw edge short sleeve crewneck t-shirt made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Maybe people don’t know Naomi Campbell and then they will think you are the supermodel because you will look stunning wearing this t-shirt.

Get your Naomi Campbell Supermodel T-Shirt

buy Kylie Jenner T-Shirt

Kylie Jenner T-Shirt

Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?

If you are then of course you know all about Kylie Jenner and this t-shirt is all abut her.

On the women’s t-shirt you can see a drawing of Kylie in black and white with green details and on top of all that her name “Kylie Jenner”.

You can get this women’s t-shirt in many colors and styles and all are made from 100% cotton and available in many sizes.

Tell the world about Kylie because you know some people don’t care about the Kardashians but maybe they would if they would know about Kylie Jenner.

Get your Kylie Jenner T-Shirt

buy Marilyn Monroe 2016 Wall Calendar

Marilyn Monroe 2016 Wall Calendar

On the cover of this 2016 calendar you see a great head shot image of Marilyn Monroe with a sexy stylish look, she is in a black and white image with a soft pink colored lip stick, earrings and jewel necklace.

Inside the calendar you will see popular high quality images of Marilyn in different outfits and haircuts some in color and some in black and white all showing off Marilyn Monroe in her classic look.

It is a standard wall calendar size of 12 inches x 24 inches when open and uses traditional stapled binding, there is also lots of room for you to write in your personal events and dates to go along with the already printed major dates.

Get your Marilyn Monroe 2016 Wall Calendar

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