buy Women’s Marilyn Monroe Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Women’s Marilyn Monroe Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Womens Marilyn Monroe Pullover Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

We all love to cuddle up in our favorite sweatshirt and sweatshirts are made for lounging around your house, but not this one. This Marilyn Monroe sweatshirt is so beautiful you are going to want to wear it every where you go.

This black long sleeve pull over sweatshirt has a Marilyn Monroe print on the front. She is in a white dress, has short blond hair and her famous red lipstick. It is a great contrast between the print and the black of the sweatshirt.

It comes in a women’s one size that fits Small to XL.

Everyone is going to ask where you got this sweatshirt, you can just smile and quote Marilyn by saying, “Being Normal is Boring”.

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