buy Audrey Hepburn Tote Bag

Audrey Hepburn Tote Bag

Now there is an Audrey Hepburn Tote Bag that all the true fans want.

If you like the classic movie stars and like to go places with your own bag then this tote bag could be just what you need.

On the bag, you can see a nice image of Audrey Hepburn with her hands under her chin and the bag is available in different sizes but all have a strong 1-inch wide shoulder strap that is black.

Plastic or paper in the grocery store is a question you don’t need anymore because you can use and reuse this Audrey Hepburn bag for all your shopping or for school, the gym, and other adventures.

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buy Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour T-Shirt

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour T-Shirt

Now you can get your own Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour T-Shirt.

If you want a fun Taylor Swift then this could be the shirt as it gives you the feeling that you went to the Reputation tour even if you didn’t go.

This Taylor Swift t-shirt is unisex so that it will look perfect on both men and women. You can get this shirt in sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from 100% cotton.

On the front of the dark grey t-shirt, you can see a black and white picture of Taylor and next to her it says in gold the word “Reputation” and then on the back, you can find all the locations the Reputation Stadium tour stopped.

So if you want a fun shirt of Taylor then come check this one out.

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buy John Wayne Wall Clock

John Wayne Wall Clock

Cowboy time can be found on this John Wayne Wall Clock that will look great in your home.

The wall clock is round and runs on one AA battery (not included) and come in a wood, black, and white color frame and you can pick the color of the hands of the clock too.

On the clock face, you can see a nice portrait of John Wayne complete with his cowboy hat on.

It is a great looking clock that will look nice on the wall of your home or maybe your rustic cabin in the woods.

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buy Geometric Ellen Tote Bag

Geometric Ellen Tote Bag

Now you can get this Geometric Ellen Tote Bag.

If you like Ellen DeGeneres and would like to take her everywhere then now you can because the Ellen tote bag is just about Ellen and about carrying your stuff.

The tote bag is black with a black handle and comes in a bunch of sizes. On the bag, you can see a portrait of Ellen DeGeneres and her smiling portrait is made from geometric shapes.

We all know that we should not use a plastic bag for grocery shopping and with this tote bag, you can show people around you that there are these nice Ellen bags that people can use.

Besides shopping this bag is great for carrying books, lunch, and even your gym clothes.

Get your Geometric Ellen Tote Bag

buy Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card

Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card

Now there is this Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card that you can send to all your friends.

The Marilyn Monroe greeting card is available in different sizes all with envelopes.

On the front of the card, you can see a light purple background and from the top, you can see birthday decorations and even some balloons and then there is a sexy image of Marilyn Monroe and next to her it says “Happy Birthday from one sex symbol to another!”.

It is a funny card you can send to all your friends especially if they like the classic Marilyn Monroe.

Get your Marilyn Monroe Sex Symbol Birthday Card

buy Betty White Middle Finger Sticker

Betty White Middle Finger Sticker

Now there is this Betty White Middle Finger Sticker that is just made to show her attitude on your stuff.

Betty White may be old but she has attitude and funny and this sticker shows that.

The die cut sticker shows Betty with her middle finger in the air so that people know what you are thinking.

A fun sticker like this is great for on your computer, books, or maybe the front door.

So go find a nice spot that you would like Betty White to be on because this vinyl sticker needs a home and you can give it that.

Get your Betty White Middle Finger Sticker

buy 2020 Jimi Hendrix Wall Calendar

2020 Jimi Hendrix Wall Calendar

If you like your music and need a calendar then come see this 2020 Jimi Hendrix Wall Calendar.

This wall calendar will bring you a nice image of Jimi Hendrix every month of 2020 and the calendar is 16 months so it even gives you a nice image for the last 4 months of 2019.

All the images have cool color on them and you will see that again on the calendar grid that has nice big clear numbers so that you can track what day it is.

Now you just need a nice spot in your home or office for this great looking calendar of Jimi Hendrix.

Get your 2020 Jimi Hendrix Wall Calendar

buy Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book

Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book

Now there is something fun to do all thanks to this Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book.

In the book, you find images of Taylor Swift and over 450 stickers of clothing and accessories so that you can make Taylor look amazing and just the way you would like her to look.

I am sure that all the real fans of Taylor Swift no matter of the age will have lots of fun creating a great looking Taylor and as there are so many stickers and images you can lots of fun on many different days when you feel like hanging out with your friend Taylor Swift.

Get your Dress Up Taylor Swift Sticker Book

buy Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Now you can clean your toilet with this Donald Trump Toilet Brush.

If you always wondered if you could clean your toilet with the hair of President Trump then now you can find out all thanks to this toilet brush.

The toilet brush has a gold looking base with a brush that has the same color handle and Donald Trump figure on top with his hair being the brush that cleans your toilet and the brush has the famous orange color just like the hair of the president.

It is a great prank gift for a big Trump fan and it does make for a great item for anyone that does not like Donald Trump.

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buy Shawn Mendes Coloring Book

Shawn Mendes Coloring Book

Now you can some fun time with this Shawn Mendes Coloring Book.

If you always wanted to spend some quality time with Shawn Mendes then now you can all thanks to this fun coloring book.

Now you can bring some color to Shawn and make him look just the way you like him.

Adult coloring books are a great way to have some downtime while still be thinking about Shawn.

And this Shawn Mendes adult coloring book has 60 pages so that you can do a lot of coloring every time you feel like spending some time away from your phone and maybe listen to some nice music while doing some coloring.

Get your Shawn Mendes Coloring Book