buy Donald Trump Bobblehead

Donald Trump Bobblehead

Now you can have you own Donald Trump Bobblehead.

This figure of President Trump shows him standing on a blue stand with his name on it and then you can find him standing tall in his famous suit and red tie giving you the thumbs up and then there is his head that is bigger than in his body to make it a bit more funny and he has a big smile.

And as it is a bobblehead Trump can be shaking his head at you when ever you give it a little tap.

If you like Trump then this could be fun to have on your desk at the office or a nice spot in your home.

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buy Billie Eilish Throw Pillow

Billie Eilish Throw Pillow

Now you can have this fun Billie Eilish Throw Pillow which gives the feeling that the star is part of you home.

You can get this Billie Eilish pillow as just a pillow case or as a complete pillow and it is available in many sizes too.

On the pillow you can see Billie Eilish while wearing a yellow sweater and leaning on her hand like she is relaxing and maybe watching TV. If you put this Billie Eilish pillow on your couch you may feel like she is really hanging out with you.

It is a great quality pillow that is perfect for all the true fans of Billie Eilish and makes for a great present too.

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buy Elvis Presley Coaster Set

Elvis Presley Coaster Set

Now there is this Elvis Presley Coaster Set which will look great in your home and prevents those ugly marks on the table.

If you like Elvis and need coasters then you really want to check out this set as it has 4 coaster in it that are 4 x 4 inches and each has a different image of Elvis Presley on it and all are in black and white and some show him performing.

A coaster set like this is a great piece to have if you are a big fan of Elvis and don’t really like the rings mugs and glasses leave on your table.

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buy Albert Einstein Pop! Figurine

Albert Einstein Pop! Figurine

Now there is this Albert Einstein Pop! Figurine that will look great on a shelve in your home.

The figure of Einstein is part of the Pop! vinyl figurine series made by Funko and the means that the scientist is 4 inches tall and has a big round head that still looks like Albert himself with white hear and mustache and he is wearing a grey outfit and is holding up a chalkboard with his most famous formula on it.

And the head of Einstein can rotate so that you can place him somewhere nice and turn his head so that he looks in the direction you like.

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buy Bloomberg For President T-Shirt

Bloomberg For President T-Shirt

Now you can show your candidate of choice on your t-shirt all thanks to this Bloomberg For President T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is available in many styles for both men and women and comes in lots of colors and sizes too.

On the t-shirt you can see a black and white portrait of Michael Bloomberg and below him it says “Bloomberg for President”.

So if Bloomberg is your presidential candidate then show it to the world around it and by wearing this t-shirt you may make others think about Bloomberg and maybe he will get more votes thanks to it.

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buy Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

Now you can take a nap under this Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket.

If you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe then you can really enjoy this in your home as it looks pretty nice.

The throw blanket is red and on it you can see a nice picture of Marilyn complete with yellow hair and a great look.

This blanket is available in 3 sizes and is made from 100% polyester fleece. A nice blanket like this is great for in the home but also great for a picnic in the park or as blanket for in the car for a road trip.

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buy Christopher Walken Portrait T-Shirt

Christopher Walken Portrait T-Shirt

Now you can be wearing this Christopher Walken Portrait T-Shirt.

This women’s t-shirt is available in many colors and it comes in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and it comes in different sizes too.

On the t-shirt you can find a black and white portrait of a younger Christopher Walken and you can even choose to have it on the front or the back so that you can have Christopher where ever you want him.

If you are a big fan or know a fan of Christopher Walken then this is the perfect t-shirt for you and by wearing it you can show the world that Christopher is on your mind.

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buy Billie Eilish It’s Christmas Card

Billie Eilish It’s Christmas Card

Now you can send your Christmas cards out all because there now is this Billie Eilish It’s Christmas Card.

Any fan of Billie Eilish that deserves a Christmas card can be send this fun holiday card.

The card is red on the front with a portrait of Billie Eilish and she is wearing the hat of Santa Claus and then next to it in big white text it says “It’s Xmas DUH”.

And this quality greeting card comes with a brown paper recycle paper envelope.

Sending Christmas cards may not be so popular anymore than in the olden days and that makes it so special when you send out this Billie Eilish Christmas card to a fan you know would love to get snail mail.

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buy Jane Fonda Young Mugshot T-Shirt

Jane Fonda Young Mugshot T-Shirt

Now you can be wearing this Jane Fonda Young Mugshot T-Shirt.

This Jane Fonda t-shirt is great on both men and women and comes in sizes Small – 3XL and you can get the shirt in many colors and you can even choose to have the shirt design on the front or the back.

On this t-shirt you can see a picture of a really young Jane Fonda and it is a mugshot as she probably got arrested while demonstrating something and that is kind of funny as now at her old age she is still getting arrested at demonstrations.

It is great to see that even famous people have opinions they don’t mind getting arrested for and by wearing this t-shirt you show support to them.

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buy Salvador Dali Watching Sticker

Salvador Dali Watching Sticker

You can get this fun Salvador Dali Watching Sticker that will look great on almost anything.

This sticker is cut to the shape of what is on it and that is the famous artist Salvador Dali.

The black and white image shows that famous Dali staring at you from the side and you can see his famous pointy mustache that is a piece of art by itself.

You can get this sticker in matte, glossy, and transparent and it comes in many sizes too.

This is a vinyl sticker and is even water proof so that you can put this Dali sticker on almost anything from your computer to maybe the back of your car.

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